Adam Rippon May Join ‘Dancing With the Stars’, And We Love That Idea

Dancing With the Stars is no stranger to athletes. Many made it far and even won the competition. So it only seemed inevitable that the network would do an all-athlete edition eventually. It will be premiering on April 30 and the competition should be tough.

The series will be shorter, lasting only four weeks so it’s not really a full season. The cast has yet to be announced but some Olympians have said they want in, and some dancers already confirmed they will be back. One of the biggest names to come out of the Winter Olympics is Adam Rippon so, of course, people are wondering if he will join.

Well, there are several reasons why it may actually happen (see page 6). Here are seven things to know about the all-athlete season of the show.

1. Gleb Savchenko says he’s joining the all-athlete season

Sasha Pieterse and Gleb Savchenko pose against a white background

Gleb Savchenko (with Sasha Pieterse) has a certain kind of partner in mind. | ABC

The pro dancer revealed to ET that he is going to be a dancer for the all-athlete season. “Yes, I am!” he told ET “For sure.” What’s even more interesting is that Gleb Savchenko wants a specific kind of athlete for a partner.

“I would love to have as a partner someone who has done something connected to music. Probably a figure skater,” he said. “Someone young, someone with energy. And just someone really who wants to win. I need a mirror ball.”

Those aren’t the only qualities he’d want either. “But someone who’s really good,” he continued. “Great personality is important but it’s also important that this person is capable of doing stuff. So it’s not just like, I’m working with someone great, but she’s 65 years old and can barely do anything. So yeah, someone who is really good.”

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2. Witney Carson is returning to the show

Witney Carson and Chris Kattan pose as if they're dancing in a promotional photo for Dancing With the Stars

Witney Carson (with Chris Kattan) is in as well. | ABC

The dancer confirmed in an Instagram comment that she will be back as well. “I’ll still be doing the show,” she replied to a fan who asked with a smiley face.

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3. Figure skater Mirai Nagasu said she is interested in dancing

Mirai Nagasu of the US performs in free skating program

The figure skater loves the show. | Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images

Mirai Nagasu also got a lot of attention at PyeongChang. She told reporters, “I smiled in the middle of my program, which is really rare for me. So I enjoyed myself and I thought of this as my audition for Dancing with the Stars.

She then continued, “I made history here by landing the first triple axel for a U.S. lady at the Olympics so I think that is a big deal. I hope I get more opportunities to let my personality just shine.”

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4. Co-executive producer Deena Katz also loved Nagasu

USA's Mirai Nagasu competes in the figure skating team event

Nagasu is definitely a contender. | Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images

It looks like the history-making Olympian really impressed DWTS casting director and producer Deena Katz, so her dream might come true.  “I think she’s adorable,” she said, according to 11Alive.

When asked if Nagasu’s comment about the show affected her chances, she said, “No I think it’s great. I love that people love the show.”

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5. Katz is also interested in other Olympians

Nathan Chen competes in the Men's Free Skate during the 2018 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships

Nathan Chen is another skater who would make a great contestant. | Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

After saying Nagasu is adorable, she revealed her list of other Winter Olympians that are on her list, saying,  “I’m still really making the picks on who it is, but obviously she, Adam [Rippon], Nathan [Chen], the Shibutanis, if I could just do a season of ice skaters, that would be fantastic because I could have filled it up just with them.”

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6. Adam Rippon said he thinks doing the show would be fun

Adam Rippon competes in the Men's Short Program

Rippon is open to the idea. | Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

It seems like the figure skater is open to going on the competition show.

I think it would be fun,” he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s for athletes and it’s supposed to be quick and short.”

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7. Rippon doesn’t care what gender his partner is

Adam Rippon and bronze medal

Could Rippon be allowed to have a male dancer as partner? | Marianna Massey/Getty Images

Perhaps we will see our first same-sex partnership on the show. When Rippon was asked if he prefers partnering with a male or female dancer, he said “I don’t really care,” he replied, also adding, “I can do whatever I want.”

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