Adam Scott as Reed Richards? Some MCU Fans Would Definitely Approve

Hiring comedian actors for the MCU has been somewhat rare since the franchise began. One exception recently was Kumail Nanjiani to play a pivotal character in upcoming The Eternals.

Others might argue more comedians have already been in the MCU if going by Paul Rudd and even Patton Oswalt in Agents of SHIELD.

More hires are probably coming to prove the MCU needs more laughs beyond the Thor franchise. Recently, fans started speculating whether Adam Scott would make a good addition. One particular fan on social media suggested Scott should snatch a particular role John Krasinski desperately wants.

The Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) role in a proposed Fantastic Four reboot is creating some interesting arguments on casting.

Would Adam Scott really work as Reed Richards?

Adam Scott speaks onstage
Adam Scott | Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Reddit has some compelling analysis going lately about the MCU, including who should be cast in upcoming films/phases. One user recently started a thread suggesting Adam Scott has the right balance of comedy and gravitas to play Mr. Fantastic.

From first appearances, someone might not consider Scott a good choice for a superhero movie franchise. Most people think of him as a dry comedian from classic sitcoms like Parks & Recreation, plus dozens of movie comedies. However, he has done some memorable drama, making him one of the most full-rounded actors out there.

This seems to point to why Scott would make a good choice as Reed Richards, other than John Krasinski making it known he wants the role. The above poster, though, made an interesting point: “I like John Krasinski for the role, but some say he doesn’t have the aloof dork factor that Reed needs.”

Is the Reed Richards character really like that, or would the movie adaptation be better suited for someone like Krasinski? For past comparison, only the comic books and prior movies are a key guide.

What would Mr. Fantastic be like in a new movie reboot?

Based on the comic book edition of Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, the character is a combination of dorky scientist and driven soul. At heart, he really is a combination of dark and dork, which some might say describes most of Adam Scott’s characters.

Everyone knows Scott can play dark roles as seen a few times in guest shots for TV shows and movies. At the same time, his comedic streak is well-noted, potentially giving new life to the Reed Richards role.

In past Fantastic Four films, the role was played by Alex Hyde-White, Ioan Gruffudd, and Miles Teller, respectively. Teller was considered fairly good, if not over-the-top memorable. He at least fit the more dorky scientific side of the character.

If Adam Scott did take the role in a proposed reboot of The Fantastic Four, would it become a major slap in the face for John Krasinski? After his two-year-long campaign in begging to play the role, it might cause some ill feelings.

Is a real battle brewing over casting of Reed Richards?

The rumors about John Krasinski playing Mr. Fantastic have gone on for so long, it took almost a life of its own as being real. So far, no one at Marvel has even approached Krasinski about playing the role. Regardless, the rumors are so strong, many people assume Krasinski will win the role once the MCU decides to cast a reboot.

On top of it, the Adam Scott suggestion began to spread around on social media. On Twitter, numerous people are starting to tweet Scott himself saying he would be the perfect combination to play the role. Other media have also suggested him for the character going back a couple of years.

Besides, with the MCU in dire need of more dark comedy, Scott would fit the bill. Having him play the part would certainly not be dull if Marvel decided to add more comedy to something like The Fantastic Four.

Then again, Mr. Fantastic still has to be likable, something Krasinski does better than anyone today on the big and small screen.