Adele Spotted Heading Into the Recording Studio: Is New Music on the Horizon?

Adele has apparently been having a blast in New York over the last week. First, she was spotted hanging out with Jennifer Lawrence in the village, and now patrons spied the fifteen-time Grammy winner dancing to Beyoncé at the Boom Boom Room. While the “Set Fire to the Rain” singer was seen cutting loose a couple of times, that doesn’t mean her New York visit has been all about play. It seems like the 30-year-old songstress might be in town to record some new music.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Adele

Adele hasn’t been spotted in a while. In fact, it’s been nearly five years since she dropped her last album, 25, and about two years since she finished up the final leg of her world tour. To her credit, Adele did let everyone know that she’d be taking some time off after the tour. Forced to cancel several shows due to vocal cord damage, the songstress was in much need of some rest and relaxation.

Adele (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

When she finished up the U.S. leg of her world tour she told fans that she’d be back in a couple years, and true to her word it has been a couple of years. The London-based singer, however, has been hard at work at home, writing and working with local musicians to put together her next album.

Will Adele’s new album be named for her age?

Unlikely, admits the songstress. Adele seems to be happily moving into a new phase in her life and with it should come a brand new album title. According to Billboard, she is ready to do away with the numbered naming now that she is headed into her 30s. The album names never actually reflected her age at the release of the album, anyway. The British singer was 20 when 19 was released, 23 when 21 dropped, and 27 when 25 debuted to the world.

While Adele was happy to tell everyone that her fourth album would not be numbered, she stopped short at sharing what the album’s title might be. Perhaps the songstress doesn’t know herself yet. Fans will have to wait until Christmas 2019 to find out. That is when the fourth album is rumored to be dropping.

Why does Adele wait so long to release new music?

Fans of the “Hello” singer are always in for a long wait for new music. Unlikely other musicians, Adele purposefully avoids releasing an album each year. According to The New York Times, the 30-year-old vocalist writes much of her music, and her emotions are heavily wrapped up in each song. Because of the passion that goes into the writing process, it takes Adele longer than most to put together an album.

According to Consequence of Sound, an artist takes between two and three years to release a full-length album. The length of time seems pretty standard across all genres of music, but some artists, like Adele, tend to stretch out the timeline, especially if their music aims to evoke more profound emotions. The London resident also has another reason to take her time; she has debilitating stage fright. When he last tour wrapped, Adele mused that it would likely be her last. The stage fright has not gotten any better, and she allegedly spends the majority of her sets having full blown anxiety attacks on stage.