Adele’s 5 Most Underrated Songs


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With a new hit album and an ongoing world tour, there is no question that the singer Adele is at the height of her popularity. That being said, many people may not be familiar with all of her songs. Here are five of the most underrated songs from this Grammy-winning sensation. Given the phenomenal sales her previous albums, chances are you already have at least some of these songs in your collection.

1. ‘Hometown Glory,’ 19

This wistful tune — taken from Adele’s debut album — is reportedly the first song she ever wrote. Its reflective tone and smooth melody speak to the singer’s feelings about her hometown of West Norwood, as she reminisces about the “wonders of [her] world” and the possibility of leaving it behind. Despite breaking into the top 40 in the U.K., the track never charted in the United States, and though it was subsequently nominated for a Grammy, it fell under the radar for all but the earliest and most ardent Adele fans.

2. ‘Make You Feel My Love,’ 19

Although Adele is a top-notch songwriter in her own right, she’s not above putting her own spin on another artist’s song. Case in point: She covered this melancholy tune of unconditional love, originally written by Bob Dylan but first commercially released by Billy Joel. Over the years, artists such as Garth Brooks, Kelly Clarkson, and Bryan Ferry have provided their own versions, but something about Adele’s stripped-down orchestration and raw vocals adds startling new dimension to her take on it.

3. ‘Turning Tables,’ 21

Despite its presence on the tracklist of Adele’s mega-selling 21, this breakup ballad — in which the singer knows that she must let go of a faltering relationship — never truly broke out like the album’s previous singles. Still, the song did manage to break onto international charts and received critical acclaim, even if it marked the final step in wrapping up 21‘s reign atop the charts. The song also received a slight boost from its appearance on an episode of Glee, in which Gwyneth Paltrow covered the tune during season 2.

4. ‘Don’t You Remember,’ 21

Produced by industry veteran Rick Rubin, this mournful heartbreaker of a song features Adele looking back on a failed relationship. In addition to its emotionally resonant themes, the tune marks a shift in tone for 21, as it remarks on the brighter days that the singer shared with her former love. All in all, the country music-style track is a real showcase for Adele’s impressive vocal range and remains one of the most bittersweet songs she’s recorded to date.

5. ‘One and Only,’ 21

This song — another Rubin production — has become something of a fan favorite. Featuring a distinct gospel feel, Adele sings the praises of an unrequited love, as she promises she’s “worthy to hold in [his] arms.” It’s a tune imbued with such longing and bare emotion that it’s easy to understand why the song has developed into a staple of Adele’s live shows, despite barely registering on U.S. charts. Moreover, the fact that everyone has been in the position to wish that their beloved shared the same feelings makes it one of her most relatable tracks.

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