Adele’s Christmas Photos Caused a Controversy

Adele started trending on Monday, December 23, Christmas Eve Eve. Fans checked the feed vigorously to see what was the clatter. It turned out, the singer had posted her holiday photos on Instagram, as many celebrities are wont to do this time of year. See her pics and the fan responses below. 

Adele attends British Summer Time Hyde Park | Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

The singer posed with The Grinch in a Santa Claus suit at her Christmas party. She wrote, “We both tried to ruin Christmas but then both our hearts grew! Thank you for coming to my party and making us feel like kids Grinch.”

Is it okay to say Adele looks different?

The singer has been public about losing 20 pounds when she went through her divorce from Simon Konecki. She also started following the Sirtfood Diet which begins at 1000 calories per day, and grows to 1500 daily. Even knowing that, some fans didn’t recognize her in the Christmas photos.

@septmbr25 was surprised and @appehmichael mistook her for someone else. “This is Adele but I thought it was cabin crew Laura from Love Island.”

Others pointed out it’s a little backhanded to compliment someone’s weight loss, especially given the circumstances. 

@nubiantaraot wrote, “Something doesn’t sit right with me when people praise others who’ve lost weight, when the weight loss came from some sort of trauma. Like with Adele and her divorce…”

@shhinthecourt wrote, “adele lost some weight and they saying she glowed up. Adele was always pretty, let’s not act brand new.”

Many thought she looked like Sarah Paulson.

Not sure where this falls on the weight loss debate, but many people confused the pictures for actor Sarah Paulson. Whatever the similarities, looking like Sarah Paulson or looking like Adele is a compliment!

@jade_lovesspice wrote, “Adele is out here being #sarahpaulsons.” 

@wowchelsey too wrote, “does Adele kinda look like sarah paulson here or.” 

@Angelicalauren actually tagged the actor.

Some hoped Adele had a new album

When a singer started trending, there’s a good chance it’s because they’ve dropped new music, either a single or a whole album. Alas, that was not the Christmas present. The pictures will have to suffice.

@itsafaketwitta wrote, “I come on twitter to see Adele trending and I’m just hoping it’s related to an album.” 

@artsyfilmtype wrote, “I saw that Adele was trending and thought we were getting new music.”

Some worried if she was okay

Of course, the other worry when a celebrity is trending is that something bad happened to them. The singer gave many a good scare.

@merryjunegeminis wrote, “Whew chile… I saw Adele was trending and got concerned. Anyways, she looks so happy!”

@iCoolCam101 wrote, “Me checking Twitter to make sure that Adele is okay.”

@icamerongrant wrote, “When Twitter made me think something bad happened to Adele.”