This Adorable Photo of Chip Gaines and His Son Proves He’s an Awesome Dad

There are a lot of great dads in this world, and Chip Gaines falls into that category. He’s a father of five children — three boys and two girls. Gaines considers being a father his favorite thing out of everything he does (he also runs a home remodeling company, restaurant, market, and magazine), and this adorable photo Joanna Gaines posted of her husband with his baby son, Crew, shows the pure joy he feels when he gets to step back from work and just be a dad.

Father’s Day for Gaines is a day he cherishes every year

Being a father is Gaines’ favorite job — he loves Father’s Day. “I really feel like I am the luckiest guy in the world,” he said of his four (but now five) children. He told that his children have several traditions they celebrate with on Father’s Day. Each year, his children spend a lot of time on homemade gifts he loves. Plus, Joanna Gaines makes some of her biscuits for him.

Gaines reminisced on his first-ever Father’s Day, noting that he had never felt more gratitude in his life. “I remember feeling such an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude for being blessed with the gift of fatherhood, and those feelings have only intensified over the years.” Now, Gaines is a father of five, and the couple has slowed down their lives a bit to spend more time with their family and try new things. The couple’s hit show, Fixer Upper, filmed its final episodes last year, and they spend most of their time in their hometown of Waco, Texas.

chip gaines son

Chip Gaines with his son, Crew. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

This year, he has a new little baby that will call him dad — and this photo shows how much he loves him

Since the birth of Gaines’ youngest son, Chip and Joanna Gaines have been settling into being new parents again. This means spending plenty of time with the baby, including taking him to all of his doctor’s appointments. Joanna Gaines posted an adorable photo of her husband smiling at their young son during his doctor’s visit. “Weigh-in day at the doctor…[Chip Gaines] always seems to make things better,” the caption read. Fans were quick to comment on the beautiful interaction between the father and son; Crew appears to be staring intently at his dad while his dad laughs with him.

He wants to instill his father’s ideas into his own children

No parent knows exactly how to be a mother or father, but Gaines said he hopes to just instill the same values in his children that his own father instilled in him. He told that his father showed him the meaning of hard work and taught him the importance of always honoring his commitments and pursuing his passions. “I really believe it’s less about what you do, and more so how you do it that defines your character,” he said. Those are the things he wants his children to take in as they grow up. No parent is perfect, but Gaines seems pretty close to a picture-perfect father.

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