A&E Greenlights Mark Wahlberg-Produced Show ‘The Big Brew Theory’

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

A&E has greenlit a new reality show produced by Mark Wahlberg called The Big Brew Theory, which follows a group of MIT graduates who decide to form their own brewery in Wahlberg’s native Boston.

According to a report from Deadline, the half-hour series will follow four intelligent and interesting MIT graduates who decide to combine their savings to achieve their dream of opening a microbrewery. A beautiful young MIT undergraduate is recruited to help with the business. The Big Brew Theory sees Mark Wahlberg teaming up with previous collaborators Stephen Levinson, Stephanie Drachkovitch, and Bill Thompson, according to Deadline’s report.

Wahlberg has created four different reality show pilots set in Boston for A&E, two of which have been picked up as regular series. The Wahlburgers is a reality show about the famous Wahlberg family and their family restaurant in Boston. The show is produced by Mark Wahlberg, Levinson, and Drachkovitch.

Mark appears on the show alongside his brothers Donnie and Paul and their mother Alva as the family attempts to decide when is the right time to open more franchises. While the show has gotten lukewarm reviews — Variety said, “It’s generally playful, but unlike the burgers, consists of completely empty calories” — but A&E ordered eighteen more episodes in February after strong viewership seen by the first few episodes.

Breaking Boston is another one of Wahlberg’s Boston-based reality shows that went to series. It focused on the trials and tribulations of a group of tough working class women, but was cancelled after just one episode that aired on Thursday, March 13. That series was produced by Wahlberg, Levinson, Drachkovitch, and Thompson. Similar to Breaking Boston’s riff on the title of AMC’s Breaking Bad, the title of Wahlberg’s newly greenlit show is a pun on the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory, which is about some nerdy physicists who work for Caltech and learn the ways of socializing from their hot neighbor.

Clearly Mark Wahlberg is trying to capitalize on his famous family and their storied hard-scrabble beginnings in Boston. More viewers seem to be interested in tuning in to see the Wahlbergs themselves than a show like Breaking Boston, which has a Wahlberg flavor but doesn’t show the family itself.

However, this doesn’t spell a death sentence for The Big Brew Theory. Brewing beer has become a popular hobby and the story of a group of highly intelligent young people forgoing a career that would likely pay them much more than opening a brewery simply because they are passionate about beer is compelling. So long as the characters turn out to be interesting enough, the show stands a chance of gaining a following.

Mark Wahlberg has come a long way since his short-lived career as the rapper Marky Mark and his controversial Calvin Klein ad campaign with a very young Kate Moss in the 1990s. The actor has since been nominated for two Academy Awards for his work in The Departed and The Fighter and starred in the popular comedy Ted by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, which will see a sequel next year. Last month, Wahlberg was awarded the MTV Generation Award at the MTV Movie Awards, which he accepted in a profanity-laden speech, saying “This is the ‘you’re-too-fucking-old-to-come-back’ award!” Despite that honor, Wahlberg seems to be here to stay as he steadily builds his media empire.

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