After ‘Terminator,’ What Other Arnold Schwarzenegger Sequels Do We Want?

The grieving process starts now for fans hoping to see the Terminator franchise and star Arnold Schwarzenegger reclaim their glory days. The crushing box office numbers for Terminator: Dark Fate certainly live up to the film’s ominous title. Perhaps the series’ future was always set, as it has struggled against diminishing returns for decades.

Still, Schwarzenegger has said he’s willing to return to the franchise if the opportunity arises. At this point, that’s unlikely. However, the T-800 isn’t the only character Schwarzenegger is open to playing again.

Arnold Schwarzenegger at a press conference for 'Terminator: Dark Fate' | Jun Sato/WireImage
Arnold Schwarzenegger at a press conference for ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ | Jun Sato/WireImage

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger willing to revisit other past roles?

In a new interview with Screen Rant, the topic of other “legacy sequels” came up. In particular, Schwarzenegger was asked if he’d be interested in follow-ups to Last Action Hero and True Lies. And the actor seems just as down to play Jack Slater and Harry Tasker, respectively, as the T-800.

“It’s always up to the fans, if they demand to see another movie like that,” Schwarzenegger said. “If a script is great, I do it.”

Of the two films mentioned, a True Lies sequel is far more likely to happen. A sequel to the 1994 hit has been discussed over the years but never came together. Even though director James Cameron is now busy working on Avatar sequels, he could at least produce True Lies 2. Cameron does, after all, return to the Terminator series with Dark Fate in such a capacity.

Last Action Hero 2, however, would be trickier. That 1993 film — directed by John McTiernan (Die Hard) — was a notorious box office flop. At the height of Schwarzenegger’s popularity, Last Action Hero only earned $50 million domestically against an $85 million budget.

Then again, Last Action Hero has developed a bit of a cult following since then. Maybe co-writer Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) could even write and direct if McTiernan declines. Unfortunately, a sequel feels like a bit of a reach right now.

Which sequels are currently in the works?

All this talk about Schwarzenegger sequels that could come to pass has us thinking about which roles the actor is currently set to reprise. With a long list of hit films under his belt, the possibilities seem endless. Well, mostly.

The Legend of Conan — Schwarzenegger’s prospective third time in his breakthrough role — has been trapped in development hell for years. Yet, last we heard, the project wasn’t happening anytime soon. Instead, the franchise may be looking at a TV series unconnected to the films.

Triplets, however, might still happen, the actor told LADBible. That film would be a sequel to 1988 hit Twins, which stars Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. If it does happen after all these years, Triplets would add Eddie Murphy to the cast.

What about other fan favorites?

In the same article in which he namechecks Triplets, Schwarzenegger acknowledges that he would also love to return to some other fan-favorite roles. Unsurprisingly, Predator comes up. Schwarzenegger’s Dutch was long rumored to appear in last year’s disappointing sequel The Predator. But that didn’t come to pass.

The actor also brings up 1987’s The Running Man, which feels especially timely right now. Set in the year 2019, that sci-fi thriller deals with media manipulation, reality television, and class disparity. It’s also based on a Stephen King novel, a fact that makes it a likely hit right now.

Naturally, these ideas just scratch the surface of projects Schwarzenegger could revisit. We’d be just as interested in sequels to Commando, Kindergarten Cop, or Eraser. But we’ll settle for The Expendables 4 in the meantime.