‘Agents of SHIELD’ Stayed Exceptional Because of the People Behind and in Front of the Cameras

Agents of SHIELD recently wrapped up quite an impressive run on ABC. Now that the show has concluded, it appears that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have most of its TV shows appear on Disney+.

That means that Agents of SHIELD may retire as the longest-running network TV show from the MCU. It’s quite a significant achievement for a show that staved off cancelation more than once. 

It may not have been the highest rated program, but Agents of SHIELD clearly had a vocal group of fans who loved the show. So how did a show that began as a side project for a much larger cinematic universe end up on the air for seven seasons? The answer may lie with the people responsible for creating it. 

The ‘Agents of SHIELD’ premise

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In 2012’s The Avengers, SHIELD agent Phil Coulson sacrifices himself to help the Avengers. His death serves as a rallying point for the team as they battle Loki and the Chitauri, fending off an alien invasion from New York.

Agents of SHIELD picks up with a resurrected Coulson putting together a team of SHIELD agents to continue the organization’s work behind the scenes. While Coulson was the show’s biggest star heading into the premiere, it was very much an ensemble piece. 

One of the unique elements of the show was that it was tied to the events of the MCU. What happened on the big screen impacted the show’s plot and direction. As the show developed its own distinctive style, it eventually veered away from being reliant on the films. Agents of SHIELD had its own flavor that built a loyal and dedicated fan base that enjoyed the show. 

How ‘Agents of SHIELD’ compared to other Marvel TV shows

The cast of Marvel's 'Agents of SHIELD'
The cast of Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’ | Rick Rowell/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Agents of SHIELD ran around the same time as its ABC counterpart, Agent Peggy Carter. While that show had its fair share of fans, it had a much shorter run. The other shows that debuted while Agents of SHIELD was on the air were the Marvel Netflix shows such as Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, The Defenders, and The Punisher. 

While these shows were also well-liked and critically successful for the most part, they were all canceled to coincide with the debut of Disney+. Now that Disney has its own streaming app, most of the MCU TV shows will likely premiere on that platform. 

Marvel’s new crop of shows look to be taking a more cinematic approach. It could be that Agents of SHIELD is the last Marvel TV show to resemble a traditional-style TV show. No matter what the future holds, at the moment, Agents of SHIELD is easily the longest-running MCU TV show by a long shot. 

Why ‘Agents of SHIELD’ stayed exceptional

A recent Reddit thread dedicated to discussing the show noted how great it was. The original poster didn’t watch the show when it first came out but started binging it and can’t get enough of it. Some fans on the thread speculated as to why the show was so good. One said that it had something to do with the people involved: 

“You can tell from behind-the-scenes stuff that the cast and crew love making it and that shines through in every season, even when 1 is finding its footing.”

Whether it was the show’s talented cast or their crew who put so much love into every frame, it’s clear that the people involved in the making of it treated this project as a labor of love.

When a show runs for as long as this one did, the team behind it have to be fully invested. There’s no doubt that everyone involved in making Agents of SHIELD had a blast.