‘Agents of SHIELD’: 5 Superheroes We’d Like to See Next

Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD | ABC

No matter how you look at it, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is killing it on the big-screen. Critical raves, monstrous box office receipts, and lots of love from audiences mean that Marvel superheroes aren’t disappearing from theaters anytime soon. However, the television side of the MCU has had a more uphill battle over the past few years, especially with regards to the series that have aired on ABC. Although Netflix shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones are progressing nicely (so far), Agent Carter was unceremoniously canceled after just two seasons, and Agents of SHIELD has had to fight tooth and nail to justify its own existence.

Following a rougher-than-expected first season, Agents of SHIELD — led by Clark Gregg’s popular MCU supporting player — finally found its rhythm in Season 2, transforming Skye (Chloe Bennet) into Inhuman warrior Daisy Johnson aka Quake and developing an entire branch of the MCU that it could call its own.

Season 4 upped the ante even further, with the introduction of Ghost Rider into the MCU. The character’s last live-action incarnation was in a pair of disappointing Nicolas Cage films, and fans were excited to see what Marvel’s own interpretation of the character had to offer. Moreover, the addition of such a well-known figure may open the door to other marquee characters showing up on Agents of SHIELD down the line. Here are a few possibilities.

1. Taskmaster

Taskmaster in Marvel Comics

Taskmaster | Marvel Comics

Okay, Taskmaster may be known in some circles as a supervillain, but that only makes him a stronger candidate for an appearance on Agents of SHIELD as a season-long “Big Bad” that is eventually redeemed. In the comics, the character — often depicted as a mercenary of sorts — has been an anti-hero at times and is even associated with SHIELD and the Secret Avengers at various points. He could ultimately be incorporated as a combat trainer for agents, as he has served such a function in the comics. Just think of him as a harder, more disciplined version of Deadpool. Now we have your attention.

2. Blade

Blade in Marvel Comics

Blade | Marvel Comics

Wesley Snipes memorably played the day-walking vampire hunter in a trilogy of films, but Blade has yet to join the MCU. Now that the rights have reverted back to Marvel, it’s only a matter of time before he shows up on the big-screen or as part of the MCU’s ABC or Netflix lineup. Ultimately, the violent nature of the character and his bloodthirsty world would be a better fit for Netflix, but we could see a somewhat toned-down version being introduced on Agents of SHIELD first. The show’s built-in audience seems like the perfect launchpad for heroes who may have a larger part to play in future stories.

3. Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl in Marvel Comics

Squirrel Girl | Marvel Comics

For years, fans have hoped that Anna Kendrick might play this offbeat superhero on-screen somewhere. The actress’s “adorkable” demeanor does seem like a great fit, but regardless of who plays Squirrel Girl, it feels like a character that the MCU will have to get to eventually, especially given her current popularity in the comics.

As her name implies, Squirrel Girl has the ability to communicate with squirrels and has even served as the nanny for the children of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in the comics. Why not give her a supporting role — even as comic relief — on Agents of SHIELD to boost her profile and test her future within the MCU?

4. Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts in Marvel Comics

Jack of Hearts | Marvel Comics

A regular character in both the Iron Man and Avengers comics, this one seems like a good fit as a lower-profile hero for Agents of SHIELD. Half-human and half-alien, all the show would have to do is tweak Jack of Hearts’s origin to make an Inhuman or something similar to bring him into the fold. With abilities that include flight and concussive blasts, we’re pretty sure Quake could use a guy like this in her corner when the next battle rolls around.

5. Moon Knight

Moon Knight superheroe in Marvel Comics

Moon Knight | Marvel Comics

Moon Knight is one of the most heavily discussed characters who has still not been given the live-action treatment. He is often compared to Batman and has been a member of both the Avengers and the Defenders in the comics. A detective armed with impressive martial arts and combat skills, the character is overdue for some coverage in the MCU, and Agents of SHIELD could be a good way to back into giving him his own show.

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