FX’s ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Episode 9 (Finale) Recap — Final Girl

It’s all come down to this. This is the ninth episode of the American Horror Story’s ninth season, entitled 1984. Will Donna and Brooke be murdered by the Night Stalker? Will Xavier, Montana, and the others finally escape the purgatory that is Camp Redwood? Will Billy Idol be murdered by Margaret Booth? Here’s what you might’ve missed from this season’s finale.

This article contains spoilers from the “Final Girl” episode of American Horror Story: 1984!

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‘AHS: 1984’ opens on the present day

It’s the beginning of the end, with just another sunny day at Camp Redwood complete with the hits of the 1980s. Our story begins during the present day, with a man hiking up to the site through the woods. The remnants of Margaret Booth’s music festival are still up. Of course, they’re worn with age.

The man starts taking pictures with his phone when Montana asks what it is. She then asks him what year it is and is surprised to learn its 2019. He asks what happened to his father, Benjamin. Turns out, he’s Mr. Jingles’ son. Montana throws her arms around the man, apparently happy to see him there.

She takes him into a cabin, where Trevor is lurking around. That’s when Montana breaks the news that Mr. Jingles died, none of the ghosts have seen him. To prove that they’re actually dead, they both kill themselves in front of Bobby and appear, like, two seconds later. Then, they explain how it all happened.

Sarah Paulson, Leslie Grossman and Billie Lourd attend FX's 'American Horror Story' 100th Episode Celebration
Sarah Paulson, Leslie Grossman and Billie Lourd attend FX’s ‘American Horror Story’ 100th Episode Celebration | Photo by Rachel Luna/FilmMagic

Margaret Booth is seeing to the final details of her music festival

Back in the 1980s, Trevor is turning people away from Camp Redwood before the festival. Margaret finds this out from poor Courtney, who is killed in the process.

Viewers see Trevor save a few counselors, and block the entrance to Camp Redwood, before Margaret Booth shows up in her convertible. Trevor pulls out a knife and says he’s filing for divorce, but Margaret Booth has other plans. She shoots the former councilor in the leg just beyond the property line, so if he dies there, it’s for real.

Montana appears and pleads for him to crawl over to her, but he’s clearly in a lot of pain. Trevor can’t move anymore and just as Montana as about to say her goodbyes, Brooke shows up. She helps Trevor across the property line. For that reason, Montana transformed into a different person. The killings had to stop. To do that, Montana and Trevor had to get rid of Camp Redwood’s resident murderers.

As the hitchhiker is about to make another kill, Trevor sneaks up behind him and kills him, pushing him over the property line. Montana runs into the Night Stalker and leads him to a cabin. There, a few ghosts all surround him. They stab him to death and to make sure he stays dead this time, they give him a “death watch.” That means as soon as he wakes up, one of the ghosts attacks him in a creative, yet equally gruesome, way.

In the present time, Bobby says that it’s actually a better idea for him to stay at Camp Redwood. Despite Montana and Trevor saying they haven’t seen him in years, Bobby decides not to leave until they reunite.

The Night Stalker attacks Bobby, Mr. Jingle’s son

Chet and the chef are on Night Stalker-duty when the murderer is awakened by Satan and the whispers of “Benjamin.” He’s out on the loose and attacks Trevor. Bobby runs out of their cabin and the others tackle the Night Stalker. Still, the killer manages to stab Bobby in the back. Bobby takes out the knife and the two start fighting, but again, the councilors stop him. Montana tells Bobby to run to the asylum for more answers.

There, he finds Donna. She tells him that his father was an innocent man and it was Margaret Booth who was responsible for the murders. Donna explains that, thankfully, Margaret didn’t make it out of Camp Redwood alive.

The scene changes back to the past. Margaret Booth is setting up for her music festival when a handful of ghosts surround her cabin. Donna got inside and manages to slice her arm. Brooke stabs Margaret and, amidst their struggle, is shot. Donna screams and lets in all the Camp Redwood casualties. They finally get her revenge, shooting pieces of Margaret over the property line with a wood chipper.

Turns out, Donna is the final girl. She says she went back a few times to pay her respects, but it was hard for the ghosts who were stuck there. Bobby thanks her for sending him the money all those years, but she reassures him she didn’t do it. That means there’s more than one final girl.

Who is the ‘final girl’ of ‘AHS: 1984?’

Donna and Bobby set out to the person who is sending the checks. It’s Brooke. Turns out, she had a husband, kids, and a whole life after Camp Redwood. Brooke says that she called Donna, but she could never say hello. She didn’t know any other way to move on. Still, Donna wanted to know how she got out.

In the past, Ray went into the cabin where Brooke was shot and found her as she was bleeding. Ray helps her with her wound and gets her to the edge of Camp Redwood. They kiss and Brooke thanks him as she heads past the property line. She woke up in a hospital, left, and tried to leave it all in the past.

Brooke explains that she wanted to give Bobby a chance to be free. Then, she asks Donna for forgiveness. As they’re leaving, Bobby decides to go back to the camp. The character walks along the lake and runs into Margaret Booth’s ghost. She’s been there, bitter and crazy, the whole time. Margaret Booth is just about to stab Bobby when Mr. Jingles appears and saves him. The two embrace and Bobby thanks him.

Margaret Booth, who came back remarkably quick, stabs Mr. Jingles and starts running after Bobby. She’s stopped by Mr. Jingles’ mother and the rest of the councilors. They let him escape, but before he leaves, Montana asks him to tell their ghost stories. The 80s will never die.

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