‘AHS’ Season 10: Which Cast Members Want to Return for ‘American Horror Story’ in 2020?

The ninth season of American Horror Story — titled 1984 — airs its finale on Wednesday, Nov. 13. Of course, viewers are gearing up for a bloodbath as the slasher season comes to an end. But even so, a few fans are simply waiting for season 10 in 2020. As you may know, AHS: 1984 lost a few series regulars — such as Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. So now everyone is waiting to see who will be in the AHS Season 10 cast. And although names like Emma Roberts and Billie Lourde are likely to come back, some actors have already expressed interest in returning for American Horror Story Season 10.

Sarah Paulson will return to the ‘American Horror Story’ Season 10 cast if Evan Peters comes back

Sarah Paulson at FX's "American Horror Story" 100th Episode Celebration - Arrivals
Sarah Paulson | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Paulson’s absence in AHS: 1984 did no go unnoticed. Many fans pleaded for her return every Wednesday night. And now, it seems their wished have been granted. At the American Horror Story 100th episode celebration on Oct. 26, Paulson told TV Guide she would “love to” return as a cast member for AHS Season 10. But she’ll only do it under one condition.

“I would like to do something with Evan, I miss Evan,” Paulson said. “And I miss acting with Evan. So I’d love to have that experience again. If he’ll come back, I’m back.”

As of this writeup, Peters hasn’t revealed whether or not he wants to come back for the 10th season. However, co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed Peters’ return to AHS has been discussed. And ultimately, Peters isn’t opposed to his American Horror Story comeback when the time is right.

“Never say never,” Peters told Digital Spy in May 2019. “Yeah, we’ll see what happens.”

And even if Peters doesn’t show up in AHS Season 10, it’s still possible that Paulson will want to be involved. Still speaking with TV Guide, Paulson expressed how much she wants to be in the upcoming season of the FX anthology series.

“It’s hard to not be a part of it,” she said. “I would love to [return for Season 10]. I need to be a part of it again.”

‘AHS: 1984’ cast members Dylan McDermott, Matthew Morrison, Cody Fern, Zach Villa, Billie Lourd, and Angelica Ross want to return for season 10

Paulson aside, it seems plenty of AHS alums are ready to jump back into the FX series. At the American Horror Story 100th episode celebration, Dylan McDermott opened up about coming back as a series regular. And the actor who plays Bruce in 1984 explained that it’s up to Murphy’s needs. He said:

Listen, I always say whatever Ryan wants me to do, I do. I never question it. I just say yes because he’s been a big advocate of mine and he’s employed me in such a way that I’ve always enjoyed it and he’s created amazing characters for me … So, you know, I trust him and he trusts me. So whatever he asks of me, if there’s a place for me, absolutely. I trust him to decide that. If he thinks there’s a role for me in the next couple of seasons, I’ll be there.

Then in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Matthew Morrison, who plays Trevor in 1984, shared that he “would be honored to come back for more” American Horror Story in the future.

McDermott and Morrison’s fellow AHS: 1984 castmates, including Cody Fern, Zach Villa, Billie Lourd, and Angelica Ross — who play Xavier, Richard Ramirez, Montana, and Donna respectively — also expressed their interest in AHS Season 10 when speaking with Hollywood Life on Oct. 26.

“I would be willing to return for season 10,” Fern said. “I mean, I think all of that is always a conversation with Ryan. You know, Ryan has his ideas and so you always hope to be included. I have something happening next year, so we’ll wait and see.”

“Are you kidding? I’m waiting for the phone call. I’m stoked and I love this world,” Villa said. “The fact that I know that I get to do something different, is as an actor just such a blessing and something I look forward to.”

Meanwhile, Ross said she would return to the anthology series “in a heartbeat” and Lourd will come back if asked.

Other ‘American Horror Story’ alums who want to come back for season 10

Hollywood Life also asked other American Horror Story alums if they would ever appear on the series again. And for the most part, everyone seems on board. Cheyenne Jackson, who played John Henry in Apocalypse, echoed Ross’ “in a heartbeat” statement.

Then Angela Bassett, who last reprised her Coven role as Marie Laveau in an episode of Apocalypse, would be willing to come back.

“I’ll be back whenever they call,” she said.

Jamie Brewer, who first appeared as Addy in Murder House, noted she will also come back if she’s asked. However, the actress confirmed that the decision is all up to Murphy.

“The biggest thing with Ryan is a lot of secrecy, and when he’s ready for you he’ll let you know,” Brewer said.

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