Alan Bersten Says He Couldn’t Get Enough Of Hannah Brown During ‘DWTS’

Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown lit up the dance floor all season on Dancing With The Stars. Today, they’re Mirrorball champions and as close as ever.

Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown | Eric McCandless via Getty Images
Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

After Brown’s heartbreaking Bachelorette season, fans were hoping she’d get another shot at love with her DWTS partner. But throughout the season, she and Bersten assured fans they were just friends.

“I think our fans should focus on helping get a Mirrorball Trophy and that would just make us both very happy, if they want our happiness,” she told E! News. “We have a great time together, we definitely have created a lasting friendship.”

There’s no denying that the two have built a special friendship. During the finale, Brown shared that dancing with Bersten taught her “to trust somebody again.”

Alan Bersten says, with Hannah Brown, he had ‘a different partnership than I’ve ever experienced’

Bersten agrees that he and Brown had an “amazing” experience together as DWTS partners.

“Hannah and I built such an amazing relationship during these 11, 12 weeks that it’s nice to look back and reflect on how amazing this experience has been and what a friend I made in Hannah,” he told People.

Bersten went on to say that his partnership with Brown was unlike any other partnership he’s ever had. Even after a full day of rehearsals together, he found himself still wanting to spend time with her.

“Hannah and I, it was a different partnership than I’ve ever experienced before because after rehearsals almost every day we would go and eat and just hang out and that’s very rare when you spend six hours with someone that you want to still see them afterwards,” he shared. “So I’m really lucky that me and Hannah became such good friends.”

When he was asked if there’s anything more than friendship between them he responded: “I don’t think so. I think it’s just friends.”

Reflecting on their ‘DWTS’ win

Brown was on the receiving end of some harsh criticism from the DWTS judges this season. Bersten says he understands why “the judges were a little more critical of her.”

“I feel like Hannah did such a good job and she didn’t get her perfect score until the freestyle, where I feel like she really did some amazing numbers and really gave her heart out there,” he said. “But I can see why the judges were a little more critical of her. I feel like they wanted to really push Hannah because they saw the potential that I don’t think she saw in herself yet.”

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Ultimately, Bersten chalks up his and Brown’s success to the trust they built.

“Hannah and I built such a good relationship throughout the season that we could really trust each other and when we had to work on a note or a critique that the judges gave us, we just went through it and we realized that the more we put in during the rehearsals, the better it’s going to feel on Monday,” said Bersten. “And after every show on Monday, we looked back at the dances and we would feel good if we knew that we gave it our best.”

They certainly left everything out on the dance floor this season.

Congratulations Bersten and Brown!

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