Alec Baldwin Fights Back Against Claim of ‘Parking Space Rage’

Alec Baldwin is no stranger to controversy, fights, and the occasional brush-up with the law, but the actor is rarely quiet about trying to make his case. During the past couple of decades, Baldwin has been in disagreements with other actors, paparazzi, police, the president, and everyday people.

Some of those disagreements have resulted in his arrest, and last year’s parking spot altercation landed him with assault and harassment charges. He went through the court process, received his sentence, but it’s not quite over.

Alec Baldwin
Actor Alec Baldwin attends the Build Series | Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images

A review of why Baldwin was arrested

What was deemed as “parking spot rage” for Baldwin stemmed from a fight with a man in New York in November 2018. CNN reported that 49-year-old Wojciech Cieszkowski and Baldwin got into an argument over a parking space in front of Baldwin’s Manhattan apartment building. The verbal match escalated into a physical confrontation. At the time, it was reported that Baldwin allegedly struck Cieszkowski in the jaw—something Baldwin has repeatedly denied.

He was arrested and charged with third degree attempted assault and second degree harassment, of which he pleaded guilty to the latter charge. Baldwin received a suspended sentence in exchange for participating in anger management classes.

Baldwin now accusing his accuser in lawsuit

With so many headlines swirling at the time of his arrest and after, Baldwin took to Twitter to deny that he physically assaulted Cieszkowski. According to The Associated Press, he is now suing the man for defamation through Supreme Court in New York state.

“When two New Yorkers get into an argument over a parking space, typically what happens is they exchange a few sharp words and then move on with their lives,” Baldwin wrote in the suit. “But that is not what happened here.”

Baldwin asserts Cieszkowski fabricated what happened during the confrontation in order to extort him, telling the police and medical personnel that Baldwin punched him. In his suit against Cieszkowski, Baldwin maintains that he only pushed him lightly in the chest using one hand, but didn’t seriously hurt him.

“In fact, Cieszkowski’s supposed ‘injuries’ were so minor, or nonexistent, that his discharge instructions were to take a single dose of Tylenol.”

The other party filed a lawsuit first

In March 2019, Baldwin’s accuser filed a lawsuit stating he suffered physical and psychological harm, and called him an “entitled celebrity.” According to The Blast, Baldwin refuted Cieszkowski’s claims, calling him a liar and filing a motion to dismiss.

Over the past few months, Baldwin has been fighting the case and in one legal motion, attorneys wrote “Cieszkowski also brought a meritless claim for slander against Baldwin based on two lighthearted and humorous interviews with television and radio talk show hosts Ellen DeGeneres and Howard Stern during which Baldwin never even uttered Cieszkowski’s name.”

The back-and-forth will now be dragged out with Baldwin’s suit, and on Nov. 5, Cieszkowski’s attorney Douglas Lieb spoke on the actor’s latest move, calling it “a desperate tactic designed to silence Mr. Cieszkowski.”

“Mr. Cieszkowski won’t be deterred from holding Mr. Baldwin accountable for his bullying,” he said. “Mr. Cieszkowski looks forward to his day in court before a jury of ordinary people like him.”