Alex Rodriguez Has the Best Meal Possible After Doing Jennifer Lopez’s 10-Day Diet Challenge

Jennifer Lopez is wearing a blue dress next to Alex Rodriguez who is in a tux.
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez do diet challenges together | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez share a kind of love that most people only dream about. They have been dating since 2016 and are happier than ever.  Recently, J Lo had challenged herself to go 10 straight days without eating any carbs or sugar. As the ultimate act of solidarity, her devoted boyfriend went on the 10-day challenge with her.

For Lopez, going almost two weeks without sugar and carbs was an enjoyable experience; she has even stated that she plans on doing the challenge again, after a five-day break. Her other half seemed to have a slightly harder time with the challenge. After the challenge was over, he definitely had a different level of excitement than his girlfriend did.

Jennifer Lopez’s difficult diet challenge

Being that he was a professional baseball player for over 20 years, A-rod is no stranger to eating healthy and clean. With his athletic physique, it’s obvious that he doesn’t set around eating Twinkies and cookies all day. However, having to cut all processed sugar and all carbs out of his diet for 10 days had to be pretty tough for the 43-year old. Given the level of excitement that he had when the challenge was finally over, we suspect that this was not one of the most fun experiences that he’s had.

A celebration fit for a king

After the 10-day challenge was over, Jennifer Lopez did a phone interview with the Today show where she talked about how she felt after completing the challenge. When Carson Daly asked what was the first thing A-rod ate after finishing the challenge, she replied, “Alex went crazy.” 

From the looks of the Instagram stories that Alex posted after finishing the challenge, we can see why she said that. In the pictures, he has a junk food feast laid out before him. There was enough pizza, chicken wings, french fries, and a wide range of pastries to feed a large family. It’s unclear if he shared a lavish meal with anyone else, or if he devoured it all himself, but one thing was clear: he was most definitely happy to be able to have carbs and sugar in his life once again.

Lopez felt a bit differently at the end of the challenge 

Lopez had said that during the challenge, all she could think about was what she was going to eat after the challenge was over. She had envisioned eating any kind of carb that she wanted. However, when the food restrictions were finally lifted, she found herself only wanting a bowl of oatmeal, and she could only eat a few bites before she felt full.

When talking about her appetite after she completed the challenge, she said: “You don’t have as much of a craving. And then, during the day, I said that I was going to cook, and I cooked and I ate, and you just can’t fit as much down.”

So, it seems that these two lovebirds had a completely different outlook on food after finally completing the challenge. 

Will they do the challenge again?

Because of how great felt after completing the challenge, she had said that she was going to eat normally for five days and then start the 10-day challenge all over again. She didn’t say if Alex would be joining her this time around or not, but given the fact that he seemed to have a much harder time with the challenge than she did, we would not be surprised if she did the challenge for the second time all by herself.