Alex Rodriguez Reveals Jennifer Lopez’s True Superpower

There’s no doubt that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are each other’s biggest fans. The newly engaged pair regularly gush about each other via social media, and in the days since their March 9 engagement, have gone on the record multiple times to sing each other’s praises.

In a recent interview, Alex Rodriguez opened up about his fiancee and the unique way she inspires him every day.

The hardest-working woman in show business

Jennifer Lopez wears many hats and has become known as one of the hardest-working stars in the game. She is a genuine movie star and has appeared in some of the biggest and most beloved romantic comedies of all time, including Maid in Manhattan, The Wedding Planner, and Monster-in-Law, as well as dramatic films such as Selina.

She has also maintained a thriving music career, with hit albums and a Vegas residency to her credit. 

In addition to her film and music career, Lopez is a familiar face to television audiences, having appeared as a judge both on American Idol and World of Dance. She has admitted that in spite of her busy career, she loves working with and sharing her insights with the next generation of entertainers.

Of course, Lopez is also a lifestyle guru and has curated lines of clothing and fragrance that have proven perennially popular. Lopez is also a mother, to her twins Max and Emme, whom she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony. It truly seems that she can do it all without breaking a sweat.

What does Rodriguez love about Lopez?

With all that Jennifer Lopez has going on in her life, it might seem like she has little time for dating or relationships. But the iconic entertainer knows how important it is to stay balanced and happy, and her relationship with pro baseball legend Alex Rodriguez seems to truly make her happy.

When they started dating in early 2017, no one was really sure where it was going – after all, Lopez has been married three times before, and Rodriguez once before. But the two have defied the odds and seem like the perfect match.

In fact, one reason that they mesh so well is that they are both busy megastars. In a recent interview, Lopez admitted that both she and Rodriguez are type-A in regards to their work and feel the need to stay constantly busy, working on their respective crafts.

Far from being stressful, Lopez said that she’s never been with someone like that, and it just makes her respect Rodriguez that much more. For his part, Rodriguez regularly shows up in support of Lopez and was a regular fixture in the front row of her Vegas residency. 

What is her ‘superpower’?

Alex Rodriguez sat down with The New York Times on April 8 and revealed why his fiance is such an inspiration to him. He admits that Lopez has taught him a lot about handling fame and that more than anyone he knows, is able to balance her personal and professional lives effortlessly.

Rodriguez claims that Lopez is authentic and honest in everything that she does, and is somehow about to go from being a hands-on mother and partner to performing an all-stops-out show for thousands of people. He called this unique ability her “superpower,” and admits that she is able to balance both identities much more easily than he does.

It seems that these two have learned so much from past relationships and experiences that they will be able to easily handle anything that the media can throw at them.

No matter when or how Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez tie the knot, their fans look forward to their long and happy marriage.