Alex Rodriguez Tries to Steal Jennifer Lopez’s Beauty Secrets But Ultimately Fails

Jennifer Lopez is one of many celebrities who has successfully found the fountain of youth. The 49-year-old entertainer knows just how important it is to stay young and healthy in her line of work. While Lopez does show some signs of aging, she is the epitome of aging gracefully. 

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez | MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

It comes as no surprise that her new beau, Alex Rodriguez, wants to get in on some of the Dinero singer’s secrets! After all, she’s a stunner who can pass for 30! What he didn’t know was that maintaining that healthy glow doesn’t always come easy!

The secret to JLo’s banging bod

Lopez has been working hard on her mind, body, and soul for decades. Recently, in preparation for her hardcore stripper role in the upcoming film Hustlers, she decided to up the ante with a dietary challenge. The diet involved removing all sources of carbs and sugars from the kitchen table. This was a huge deal considering her previous diet consisted mainly of those two things!

Despite the trials and tribulations the diet entailed, Lopez was able to complete her 10-day trek and learned a lot in the process. She realized her body was craving sugar due to addiction. She also learned that the carbohydrates she once leaned on don’t need to make up the brunt of her diet any longer. 

Ultimately, JLo felt she was in better spirits, was easily satiated, didn’t suffer hunger pangs as often, and didn’t have the urges to consume carbs that she’d thought she would have once the challenge was up. It looks like JLo will be taking the challenge to the next level and implementing it into her eating routine! But while JLo nailed the challenge, A-Rod wasn’t as “lucky”.

A-Rod couldn’t take the heat

Just like any good future husband would, Rodriguez tackled the challenge alongside JLo to show support. While he did complete the challenge, he had a much different viewpoint once everything was said and done with! JLo’s intentions were to take a 5-day break before taking on the diet once more. A-Rod, on the other hand, doesn’t look like he’ll be joining his future wife in her second round.

Once the challenge came to a halt, the baseball player loaded up on all the carbs he couldn’t have for the past week and a half. In Lopez’s words, “Alex went crazy.” There was not just one but two pizzas, a load of french fries, a ton of chicken wings, and a plate of delicious looking pastries all at his disposal. Compared to Lopez’s couple of bites of oatmeal post challenge, Rodriguez had a literal carbohydrate feast! Clearly, the man missed his sugar and carbs!

But he does go through her beauty stash!

Rodriguez had some trouble with the diet aspect of Lopez’s regimen, but he does have a much easier ace up his sleeve! Recently A-Rod and JLo let fans see what it was like for the duo during Oscar’s prep. During the video, the baseball shortstop admitted he was quite nervous being JLo’s date for the coveted awards show.

In an attempt to keep up with his wife-to-be’s flawless skin, he says he helps himself to her beauty products. Unfortunately what works for the songstress just doesn’t cut it when it comes to A-Rods skin. He does have a few products he enjoys though. Aveda’s Brilliant line, classic St. Ives lotion, and Cool Water cologne are some of his staples.

Rodriguez wasn’t the only one to try JLo’s diet

Once upon a time Ben Affleck and Lopez were engaged and the couple was one that fans could die for. Unfortunately, things just didn’t pan out, but they are still good friends. Considering Affleck’s constantly fighting off his own demons, it’s just like JLo to lend a hand to her former hubby-to-be.

The Batman actor decided to give his ex-fiancées 10-Day Challenge a shot. His motivation — getting in shape for his upcoming role in Triple Frontier. He admits that the diet gave his body the boost it needed to take on the role. Despite it working so well it wasn’t something he had the fortitude to uphold.

Continuing meant cutting a lot of his favorite foods. Just think about it, no sugar and no carbs take more than half of what many people devour on the daily off the table! Affleck decided to take his “failure” in stride with an armful of bagels. No hard feelings though, at least he got a taste of how hard it is for his former flame to stay in shape!