Alex Trebek Is the Strongest Game Show Host Around

Some news stories just hit you with a major, unexpected broadside, especially when it relates to an icon’s health. No one saw it coming when Jeopardy host Alex Trebek revealed in a video message March 6 he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He’s always looked healthy and successfully battled other health problems over the last 12 years.

We all know pancreatic cancer is a challenging illness to overcome. The five-year survival rate is only 7%, though the one-year survival rate has risen to 20%.

Better treatments have improved odds, and a good mental attitude is also vital. Trebek is clearly a warrior in fighting illness and maintaining mental health, and we’re all pulling for him.

What was Trebek’s first health battle?

Now one of the longest-running game show hosts in history, Trebek’s first health scare came late in the game when he was in his mid 60s.

It was 2007 when he suddenly suffered a heart attack. Everyone thought it was more serious at the time, but the official announcement was it was only minor.

Trebek amazed everyone when he went back to work on Jeopardy after a short hospital stay. As he always does, he seemed to never show any wear and tear when on camera, proving his strong mental reinforcement in keeping going.

Unfortunately, some of his other health issues were mere accidents.

Achilles tendon injury in 2011

A surreal situation for Trebek seemed to take place in 2011. News hit of him breaking his Achilles tendon after chasing a woman burglar out of his San Francisco hotel room.

From this, we all learned Trebek is one tough bird and isn’t afraid to even risk his own life to capture a criminal. Because he was over 70 at this point, he found out stress on the body can bring unavoidable injury.

He needed a cast on his heel for six weeks. Again, though, it didn’t stop him from coming to work, despite having a $50 million fortune.

Another heart attack a year later

Everyone thought Trebek would have to retire after having a second heart attack in June of 2012. However, it was yet another mild one, making the recovery slightly easier.

At 72 by this point, everyone was amazed at how he was able to keep thriving. We can only attribute it to keeping his intellect strong, which helps keep the will to live all the stronger.

Most found it almost superhuman see him back to work on Jeopardy a month after this heart attack and still looking physically healthy.

A bad fall, causing a subdural hematoma

Based on Trebek’s top physical condition, we’ve always assumed the chances of having a fall would be a lot slimmer than most others in his age range. Unfortunately, falls are still all too common in normally healthy people.

When Trebek apparently fell in his home about a year and a half ago, he ended up experiencing a subdural hematoma, something potentially fatal if not treated immediately. It involved him having brain surgery to remove blood clots.

After mounting health mishaps, Trebek didn’t miss a beat returning to Jeopardy by posting a video update to fans on the game show’s website.

Can Trebek’s positive attitude help his pancreatic cancer survival rate?

Evidence is growing that a positive mental attitude in fighting cancer is absolutely essential to stay strong. Also, going to work is probably the best thing he can do so he doesn’t have to think about the stress of cancer treatments.

In a lot of cases, people develop other serious conditions while suffering from cancer, sometimes due to the stress of treatment and the worry.

Yes, the odds aren’t great, yet we think Trebek has the best mental reinforcement of anybody in showbiz today. If anybody can increase his survival rate, it’s Alex Trebek.

All of us at The Cheat Sheet wish him the absolute best through this fight. We’ll be there to show support along the way.