‘Alexa & Katie’ Star Emery Kelly Tells Us About His Latest Movie and Disney+ Show

Emery Kelly is best known for his appearances in The X Factor and the Netflix series Alexa & Katie. He also stars in the movie Max Winslow and the House of Secrets. Here’s what Kelly told Showbiz Cheat Sheet about his latest project.

Emery Kelly’s movies and TV shows

Emery Kelly in 2019 | Leon Bennett/Getty Images
Emery Kelly in 2019 | Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Kelly made his acting debut in a 2015 episode of the television series Dog with a Blog. He played the character Dax in an episode titled “You’re Not My Sister Anymore.” That same year, he also appeared in Best Friends Whenever, Brooke Sorensen: 3 Days, and Lab Rats. The following year, Kelly appeared in his first television movie, titled Forever Boys.

Kelly landed the role of Aiden in Max Winslow and the House of Secrets in 2019. He told Showbiz Cheat Sheet he was immediately impressed with the script. “The script was so cool!” said Kelly. “It’s filled with a lot of problem solving and adventure. I knew from reading the first few pages of the script I wanted be part of the project.”

Aiden in ‘Max Winslow and the House of Secrets’

When we asked about his movie character, Aiden, Kelly describes him as someone who doesn’t trust easily. “Aiden is a kid from a rough childhood,” says Kelly. “He has trust issues and he honestly felt like he wasn’t going to get chosen to be part of the game. If it wasn’t for the game, he wouldn’t be the person he is.”

In a promotional video for the movie, Kelly also describes Aiden as a “corrupted soul.” Kelly says Aiden has been through a lot in his life, so he takes it out on others.

“He’s been through a lot of denial, a lot of loneliness, and a lot of desperation for himself because of the way he was mistreated by his father. And he just has a lot of darkness inside of him that’s bottled up. And this movie really opens him up to the realization that you don’t have to be like this person. You don’t have to be what people set you out to be. You can be who you want to be.”

What’s next for Emery Kelly

Kelly gained attention after appearing on The X Factor back in 2013. As soon as he stepped onto the stage, he wowed the judges, with Simon Cowell saying, “You’re like a real pop star.” He was later invited by Cowell to be the lead singer in a boy band called Forever in Your Mind.

He advises aspiring X Factor contestants to remain true to themselves. “Be yourself the entire way and don’t let anyone change your dream,” Kelly told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Kelly has been staying busy. He completed filming a new show for Disney+ titled Big Shot and he’s currently working on his solo album, Some of My Emotions

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