Alexis Bledel Is The Most Dangerous Celebrity To Search For; Who Are The Others

When googling your favorite artist or actor, the first thing on your mind might be whatever your question was regarding them. Their birthdate, perhaps? Or maybe their first-ever TV role or album. But what you’re most likely not expecting is to run into a virus that will ruin your computer or gather some very vital, personal information. If you search these top 10 celebrities, your chances of receiving the latter just went up exponentially. 

Every year, the computer security software company, McAfee, creates a list of the top 10 most dangerous celebrities to search. Business Wire has been reporting on this list for 13 years, and there might be some surprising celebs at the top. 

Alexis Bledel side-by-side with James Corden, the two most dangerous celebs to search.
Alexis Bledel at 70th Emmy Awards | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images / James Corden speaks at the Transformative Medicine of USC: Rebels with a Cause GALA | Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC

Who’s on the list?

According to Time magazine, this practice is put in place to “highlight the danger of clicking on suspicious links” linked to “famous names.” Just like you might practice safe sex or good hygiene habits, this list is meant to teach you the hidden risks in everyday activities. 

The list is below, with all very familiar names:

  1. Alexis Bledel 
  2. James Corden
  3. Sophie Turner
  4. Anna Kendrick
  5. Lupita Nyong’ o
  6. Jimmy Fallon
  7. Jackie Chan
  8. Lil Wayne
  9. Nicki Minaj
  10. Tessa Thompson

McAfee urges users to be more vigilant of fraudulent-looking sites or ads, especially if looking for pirated content and make sure your security systems are updated. 

You might be surprised who’s at the top of this list

Looking at the list, it might a shock you to see Alexis Bledel’s name at number one. According to Time, “no other celebrity was more likely to land users on websites that carry viruses and malware.” 

If you’re not a Gilmore Girls or Handmaid’s Tale fan, the actress might not be on your mind. And even if you are familiar with what she’s doing now, the sweet and (mostly)level-headed Rory Gilmore seems like an odd choice for “most dangerous person to search for on the web.” 

But, why are they on the list to begin with? Well, it’s all about popularity and the reasons behind said popular. 

Gary Davis, the chief consumer security officer at McAfee, said that Bledel’s role on the uber-popular Hulu show is most likely what made her the riskiest. He also pointed out that Turner, who’s on the list too, starred in Game of Thrones. Both shows are available on a subscription service, which is, of course, enabled and watched via the web.

Other people on said list are hosts of talk shows that generate viral content like “Carpool Karaoke” or “Wheel of Impressions.” Musicians on the list might have had a successful touring year, album release, or garnered a lot of celebrity gossip. 

Why is it dangerous to Google or search these people?

According to McAfee, harmful malware and fishing programs are set up behind sites that, to the naked eye, might be giving you the type of info you googled. Meanwhile, they could be taking your bank and other personal info.

Sophie Turner at the HBO post-Emmy's party red carpet.
Sophie Turner at HBO’s Post-Emmy Awards Reception | David Livingston/Getty Images

Last year Ruby Rose was at the top of the list, probably linked to her role as Batwoman making headlines. Time also reports that Kristen Cavallari and Kourtney Kardashian were both up in the top ten as well, but are now past 200, so it all just depends on who malware sites choose at the moment. 

It also goes to show you that no one is safe. So maybe next year you’ll see Meghan Markle’s or Tom Holland’s names up there. Regardless of who is, if you practice safe internet-searching and pay attention to what you’re clicking, you’ll most likely get away unscathed.