Alexis Skyy of ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ Carjacked, Stages Protest at Site

No one is immune to becoming the victim of a crime, and Love & Hip Hop: New York cast member Alexis Skyy just had an unsettling experience in the city of Atlanta on Saturday night. She and a friend were left shaken after being carjacked at a local gas station.

Both women want to call attention to the crime and are asking the police department and the gas station to step up security where robberies like these keep happening.

Alexis Skyy
‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ cast member Alexis Skyy | Getty Images/Jim Spellman/FilmMagic

What exactly happened to Alexis Skyy and her friend

Skyy, whose real name is Alexis McFarland, was a passenger in Sabrina Peterson’s vehicle. The two women stopped at a QuikTrip (QT) gas station to put air in the tire of a 2019 Maserati SUV. When McFarland stepped outside of the car to reach the tire, Peterson left the vehicle to help and kept the car running.

According to 11 Alive News in Atlanta, the two were on the ground filling the tires when a man with locs exited a silver Camaro and slid into the passenger’s seat of Peterson’s Maserati. He was able to get into the driver’s seat and the women attempted to run after the truck. When the suspect sped off, he hit a curb while trying to turn around. McFarland and Peterson also reported to the police that they saw a handgun in the suspect’s Camaro.

The truck, worth over $100,000, also contained clothing and other items that were stolen. The reality star and her friend spoke to 11 Alive and shared that they are grateful their children were not with them because things could have turned out worse, but they still want action.

Skyy and Peterson held a rally at QT to raise awareness that it’s crime hotspot

The news outlet learned through Atlanta PD that this particular QT location at Howell Mill Road has had 30 robberies involving vehicles in the past year. Five of those occurred within the last month.

Initially, Peterson and Skyy posted a video on Instagram about the ordeal and stated they received comments from other women who had similar experiences at the same gas station or in the vicinity. The post has since been removed.

They both want more done about the security at QT and on Monday, launched a protest at the site demanding something be done to protect customers, especially women. “No justice! No gas!” was the chant as they and a group stood outside of the QT, alerting other patrons about the crimes.

During their news interview, the ladies shared that their concern isn’t for the car, but about their children and others’ safety. Peterson said, “Take the car. Sell it. Do whatever you need to do. Just promise me that you won’t hurt anyone else. Use my car as a blessing and the contents in it.’

Skyy added, “I’m not even angry. It’s more so about our kids. All I’m thinking about our kids being in the car. Take my life, but my kid. No. Even if it was her kid, I would have felt like it was my fault. She could have went home peacefully and had her car.”

QT responds to media attention

It was noted that during the rally on Monday night, there was a security guard present at the QT on Howell Mill Rd where the robberies have happened. For their part, the company issued a statement about recent events:

“QT places the safety of our employees and customers at the apex of what we do. All QT locations are monitored 24 hours a day by us at a central location, meaning our surveillance technology allows us to see both inside the store and our lot. We have added additional security and continue to work with law enforcement to address any issues at that location.”

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My car is recovered but that doesn’t stop our fight! I thank God for this situation it opened my eyes up to an abundance of issues in our community. My heart is broken that our community is broken, there’s a new generation of young black men who have no regard for their lives and the lives of women that look like them. I never asked God “Why me”, because I’m clear “It had to be you because YOU my love will not turn a blind eye”. I also seen the level of hatred our own people have in their hearts for each other via social media, I was made aware that there’s an abundance of hurt people that also need healing. There’s a bigger conversation that WE as a community need to have & I’m doing everything behind the scenes to arrange a program for healing our own. I want to once again thank @mrsernestinemorrison @mrjaymorrison @mr2weeksout @alix_goodenergy @strikemoney1 @mrjerometrammel @cfood_dbe @spiritualword @frobabies @thestylistblu @belllaashea & more being on the frontline for #protectourwomen thanks @coldatory for finding my truck & listening to your gut when you seen it & said “This car is out of place”. If you have been a victim of robbery in Atlanta NOW IS THE TIME to join the fight to put an end to the epidemic in our community. Thanks @arshaw23 for always being in my corner. THE FIGHT HAS BEGUN! I’m not taking a broken community for an answer! Remember sis, if you don’t make noise then another sister will come right behind you oblivious to the danger WE MUST NOT BE QUIET. I love my sister that was robbed on Wednesday & she has helped us but if she would have made some noise the Saturday robbery may not have occurred. Don’t be discouraged to speak up, speak up & speak up loud it doesn’t matter if only one person hears you, you saved one! Nothing happens to you everything happens for you. Start your movement by joining one! @keishabottoms we have a problem @phillanawilliams we need to sit down and resolve this before someone gets killed.

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According the AJC, the stolen SUV was located on Tuesday in the city at an apartment complex about five minutes away from where it was taken. Police continue to investigate and acknowledge that Peterson’s vehicle is the second car theft at that QT this year. The authorities believe the same suspect(s) is responsible.

McFarland—who moved to Atlanta in July—and Peterson plan to continue to bring awareness to the issue.