‘Silicon Valley’ Actress Alice Wetterlund Calls out the Show’s Cast, Says Working on It Was a ‘Nightmare’

Alice Wetterlund

Alice Wetterlund | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Comedian Alice Wetterlund just called out the entire cast of Silicon Valley, saying they made her experience working on the show a nightmare by enabling T.J. Miller’s abusive behavior.

After Miller, who has been accused of assault and was arrested earlier this year for allegedly calling in a fake bomb threat, appeared on a podcast this week, Wetterlund tweeted her frustration. She wrote, “Yes! It is definitely time to rehabilitate TJ Miller’s career! We can’t afford to lose talent at a time like this, we need more—not less—comedic hijinks such as *checks notes* calling in a fake bomb threat.”

In a follow-up tweet, Wetterlund, who played engineer Carla Walton in Silicon Valley‘s second season, said that she had a terrible experience working with Miller on the show.

“I hope to not ruin it for you, but TJ Miller was a bully and petulant brat and pretty much everyone who had any power on that (almost all male) set, including the male cast members, enabled him and were complicit in his unprofessionalism,” she wrote. “They can f*ck off forever.”

Wetterlund said in a third tweet, “I’m pretty open about this, and I don’t know if other women on the show had a different experience than me, but it was kind of a nightmare.”

The comedian also retweeted the following comment by Owen Ellickson: “between the rise of nonsensical Hardwick defenses and Doug Benson having TJ Miller on his podcast LAST NIGHT male standups are doing a bangup job of making clear they don’t give two sh*ts if their friends abuse women.”

When asked why she continued working on the show under these conditions, Wetterlund responded, “One, I needed the job, two, it was my first recurring role and I had no idea it wasn’t always toxic and weird. Now I know!”

In another tweet, Wetterlund seemed to imply she spoke to HBO’s human resources about this. When accused of not speaking up until now, Wetterlund responded, “How do you know I didn’t speak up? Just because you didn’t hear about it? I didn’t realize HBO HR is supposed to contact you.”

However, HBO said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter that “this is the first time we have heard Alice Wetterlund comment on her experiences on Silicon Valley.

T.J. Miller left Silicon Valley at the end of the fourth season, saying he wanted to pursue other projects. The cast and crew later opened up about his behavior, with some sources telling The Hollywood Reporter that he would frequently fall asleep on set, show up drunk, or not show up at all. One insider described him as being “explosive.” Producer Alec Berg also said that although the stars of the show “are the Golden State Warriors of comedy,” Miller “wasn’t LeBron.”

T.J. Miller in 2016

T.J. Miller | Mark Davis/Getty Images

In December 2017, an anonymous woman accused Miller of sexually assaulting and punching her in college. Miller said that the allegations were false. In April 2018, Miller was arrested for allegedly making a fake bomb threat. While intoxicated, he had reportedly gotten into a fight with a woman on the train and then called 911 to falsely report that she had a bomb in her bag.

This was not Miller’s first run-in with the law. In late 2016, he was arrested after allegedly assaulting an Uber driver, who he had been arguing with about Donald Trump.

Since the sexual assault allegation and bomb threat arrest, Miller has appeared in two major films: Ready Player One and Deadpool 2. However, both of these roles were filmed long before. It has remained unclear how Miller’s career might be affected going forward, but it appears that the standup comedy community is ready to embrace him again.