All of the Signs Prince William Will Be a Great Uncle

After embarking upon the wonderful journey of fatherhood and welcoming three children with wife Kate Middleton, Prince William is finally an uncle. He met Baby Archie recently, and there is no doubt that William connected with his nephew in the most special way possible.

We know Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ecstatic about the fact they are parents, as evidenced by their smiling faces when they debuted Archie to the world. They had wonderful things to say about their adorable newborn son, and we can only imagine how much they dote on him behind closed doors. It is a very exciting time for the entire royal family now that Archie has been born.

The newborn is surrounded by so many people who love him, such as Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, and all of the members of the royal family. We know William is certainly smiling. Let’s take a look at all of the signs that William will be quite a wonderful uncle.

Prince William is great with his own children

Prince William
Prince William | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Ever since William and Kate stepped out of the hospital holding their own newborn son, Prince George, fans can see that the Duke of Cambridge is a very devoted father. He looks at his children with joy in his eyes, and we know that he couldn’t love them more. William was over the moon when George was born, and it wasn’t long before the proud parents were happy to welcome Charlotte, and finally, little Louis. Each time a new baby was born, William was seen with a dazzling smile, overjoyed at the arrival of yet another child.

Prince William has a way of relating to children

We have seen William interacting with children at royal engagements, and it is clear from his actions that he enjoys his young fans. The prince always takes the time to kneel down and get on eye level with children, and he gives them the focus that they need and deserve. We would expect nothing less from the future king, and we can say that his excellence with kids is something that seems to come naturally to William. The children obviously love meeting and communicating with him, and anyone can see that the feeling is definitely mutual.

Prince William has patience

William has a smile that not only lights up a room but is infectious as well. He has extreme patience, something that is essential for young children. We know that William will take the time to give Archie the attention that he needs, and he will make the time to be there to offer his love, support, and guidance that each should have. Chances are that William is excited about being there for Archie, helping him to grow, learn, and navigate his way around the world in a way that a special uncle will jump at the chance to do.

Prince William learned from the best

When it comes to his own upbringing, William was raised by Princess Diana, who taught him extremely well. She wanted him to look beyond the privileges of royal life, and have experiences that he would value forever. It looks as if Diana’s efforts definitely paid off, as William grew up to be a very dedicated and respectful person, going above and beyond to spread his compassion to people around the world, just as his mother would have wanted.

Little Archie is definitely one lucky little boy. Not only does he have loving parents and fans around the world, but he also has Prince William to be one of the best uncles that we can ever imagine.