All of the Theories Fans Have About Taemin in the SuperM Trailers

Taemin SuperM
Taemin | (Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)

Taemin is officially the last SuperM member to have a teaser trailer. Fans suspected he would be last because he has appeared in every single trailer for the other six members of SuperM. There are several theories on social media about the vital role Taemin plays in SuperM’s concept.

Taemin will be center in SuperM

Originally, some fans suspected Taemin would be the leader in SuperM because he is the senior artist of the group. However, Taemin is the maknae of Shinee and said in the past that he would prefer to be the second oldest member of a group without being the leader. While Taemin is the senior artist, Baekhyun is the oldest member of SuperM. When SuperM elected their leader, all of the members voted for Baekhyun.

“Now, Taemin is really getting what he wished for, to be the 2nd eldest. He is not the leader and also members younger than him,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

With Baekyun being the leader of SuperM, fans think Taemin’s appearance in all of the trailers means Taemin could be the center of the group. In K-pop, the center of a group appears in the middle of the group for promotions, videos, and performances. Centers are usually selected because of their dance ability, visuals, or popularity. Taemin has a large fan base and a lot of experience because he first debuted with Shinee in 2008.

Fans suspect Taemin could be recruiting the members of SuperM in the trailers

SM Entertainment refers to SuperM as the “Avengers of K-pop” because all of the members come from previously established K-pop groups. All of the trailers for SuperM are dark and have a futuristic tone. In the trailers, all of the members display some sort of superpower. Whenever Taemin appears in the trailers, he appears to be playing a vital role in the members discovering or embracing their superpower.

In Baekhyun’s trailer, Taemin appears at the top of a set of stairs illuminated by green light. In Taeyong’s trailer, Taemin sits in a green room while a film recorder plays a movie for Taeyong’s clones. Taemin pulls Ten inside a painting in his trailer and Ten then uses his power to restore the painting.

Lucas embraces his power of enhanced hearing in his trailer when Taemin adjusts the controls of a fan above him. In Mark’s trailer, he uses his superpower of size manipulation to enter a small box and face off against his alter ego. Taemin is in a green room while the chairs from the original room Mark was in are overturned, as if Taemin was behind the chaos of Mark entering the box.

“taemin comes in every member’s teaser that was revealed (so far) and disrupts their little environment in a way to call them/recruit them,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

Other fans theorize Taemin is a villain in SuperM’s trailers

Because of how Taemin appeared in Kai’s trailer, some SuperM fans suspect Taemin is actually a villain in the trailers. Instead of appearing in a green lit room, Taemin appears wearing blue with a blue backdrop. He is also surrounded by the machinery he used to disrupt the members’ environments in previous trailers.

“But Taemin is still in this room full of tech. His trailer will be the last one to hopefully make sense of why he’s suddenly blue, but he definitely messed with Kai’s mind and made him see a new reality…,” a fan wrote in a Twitter thread.

The fan continued, “Behind Taemin is the recorder used to play Taeyong’s movie illusion, the machine used to manipulate the fan Lucas walked by, and now the street light control panels for the light Kai stopped to stare at. Also, while Taemin is dressed in blue, his eyes are still green.”

The fan also believed Taemin could be a villain before he appeared in Kai’s trailer. The fan believes the green light around Taemin actually hints he is a villain to the members of SuperM.

“This is all to say I think Taemin is the bad guy and the other members are using their abilities to defeat him. The color green in literature is often used to signify wealth, greed, jealousy, and power. And red is often used to signify strength, determination, and mystery,” the fan theorized.

The fan also pointed out that in Mark’s trailer, Mark raps about his ego being green. “… Taemin is either representing all their alter egos or he really is the bad guy with a big ego and they’re playing off the Supercar song,” the fan wrote on Twitter.

Taemin’s SuperM trailer premieres last

All of the members’ trailers premiered except for Taemin. Because Taemin appeared in all of the trailers, the other six members might appear in his trailer. This would reveal the connection between Taemin and the other members. It would also confirm any fan theories about Taemin’s role in SuperM’s superhero team concept.

“They really saved the best for the last… ofcourse SM gonna do this for their Ace, Lee Taemin,” wrote a fan on Twitter.