All of the Ways Princess Diana Would Have Doted on Her Grandchildren

As we all remember all too well, Princess Diana’s life was sadly and suddenly cut short in a car crash in Paris in August 1997.

She left behind her two young sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, who grew up to be hardworking, generous people just like their mother would have wanted. William is the father of three small children, and Harry is about to become a first-time dad with his wife, Meghan Markle.

If Diana were here today, she would have loved being a grandmother to George, Charlotte, and Louis, and would have been over the moon about the upcoming arrival of her fourth grandchild.

What are all of the ways she would have doted on them?

Diana would have connected with all of the children

Diana had a special way with children, and she would have been extremely close to all four of her grandchildren. Known for her extreme compassion, Diana was a good listener and an even better leader, and she would have taken pride in teaching them by example.

She always would have been there whenever the children needed her, and she would have made it clear to them that she was always on their side, no matter what!

She would spend as much time with them as possible

Growing up in the royal spotlight is not an easy thing to do. It is difficult for the members of the royal family to go anywhere without being surrounded by photographers, and that includes taking their children to various places.

Diana would have been insistent on showing her grandchildren a way of life away from the royal fishbowl, just like she did with her own boys. Chances are, we’d see her out and about in London as often as possible, doting on each one of the kids in her own loving way!

Diana would have been a hands-on grandmother

What better way to form a great relationship with grandchildren than to see things from their perspective? We could have expected Diana to constantly be playing games and engaging in imaginative play with her grandchildren.

She’d be the kind of fun person who would get down on their level, and run around the house, playing games, such as hide and seek, all over the palace! What fun that would have been for them!

She would teach them family traditions

Just like anyone else, the royals have family traditions, and Diana would have shown her grandchildren each one of them. She would have wanted to assist their parents in ensuring that family values were carried on, and she would have found fun and innovative ways to make that happen.

It is almost certain that whenever Diana was not carrying out her duties, that she would be right by the children’s side, helping them navigate their way into the world and grow up to be strong and amazing people!

She would shower them with fun gifts

This is something that all grandparents do, and Diana would be no exception! Chances are that George, Charlotte, Louis, and baby Sussex would be receiving snuggly stuffed animals, games, and toys whenever they enjoyed a visit with Diana.

She would have loved the look of joy on their faces as she presented them with new things to play with, and their smiles would have made her extremely happy each and every day.

Everyone wishes that Princess Diana were still here to see the beautiful children that her sons brought into the family. She would have been the most amazing grandmother possible, loving each of the children for their uniqueness and individual personalities. Not only that, but they would have loved her just as much as she did them!