All the Juicy Details on MTV’s New Dating Show ‘Game of Clones’

MTV will be premiering a new dating show, Game of Clones, on February 21st. The show’s trailer turned heads due to its nonsensical nature and have left potential viewers stumped by precisely what the competition is all about. For those in the know, it appears the show is a strange cross between The Bachelor and a celebrity lookalike competition, but the prize at the end is a potential relationship with one of MTV’s thriving reality stars.

What is the format of Game of Clones?

The format of Game of Clones seems a bit convoluted. Each week the show will feature one reality star as they wade through a pool of contestants who believe they look like the star’s celebrity crush. Each reality star has picked the celebrity crush they’d most like to date. The MTV team is tasked with finding the perfect lookalikes, according to Vice.

Little else has been revealed about the actual format of the show. Whether the stars will date their favorite doppelganger long-term remains to be seen. The show will premiere on February 21st with back-to-back episodes.

Who are the contestants?

Each week will feature a reality television star who is interested in dating people that look like their celebrity crush. The contestants will consist of seven individuals who are believed to look like the celebrity crush of the week.

So, basically, the potential contestants are people who may or may not look like a celebrity, like Meghan Fox. The focus of the show, however, will be on the reality star who will be dating the celebrity doppelgangers.

Which reality stars are appearing on Game of Clones?

The first season of the show has several confirmed reality stars. DJ Pauly D, Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom OG, and Cara Maria Sorbello and Leroy Garrett, of The Challenge War of the Worlds, will appear in the first several episodes. Nicole Zanatta of The Challenge: Vendetta and Derrick Henry, of The Challenge: Final Reckoning will also appear in the first season, according to E!.

The first episode of the show is rumored to feature DJ Pauly D attempting to date women who look like his celebrity crush. The show has amassed several women who are said to look like Meghan Fox, and the Jersey Shore alum will need to pick out the woman who not only most resembles the famed star, but the one he would most like to date.

Game of Clones already exists in the United Kingdom

While MTV has taken creative licenses with the Game of Clones concept, the show is based on a U.K. dating competition. In the U.K. version, a bachelor or bachelorette takes tests to reveal what physical attributes their perfect match should have. From there producers find men or women who all have a similar look. They are placed together in a house, and a contestant is voted off each week until the bachelor or bachelorette is left with their one true love who not only meets their physical requirements but their personality requirements, too.

While the U.K. version is essentially a strange take on The Bachelor, MTV is looking to set their competition apart from the crowd. By utilizing reality stars and matching them with celebrity doppelgangers, they’ve created a completely unique and truly bizarre dating competition.

DJ Pauly D to appear on an additional MTV dating show

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DJ Pauly D will also be working on an additional MTV dating show. In January MTV announced that DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino would appear on Double Shot at Love. The dating show will have 20 women vying for the hearts of the two Jersey Shore stars. There is no set premiere date for the show.