All Your ‘American Horror Story’ Favorites Are Coming Back for Season 10, Along With ‘Home Alone’ Star Macaulay Culkin

Unlike most shows out there, American Horror Story is unique in its anthology structure. Each season is a brand new story with a whole new cast of characters revolving around a theme. Figuring out its theme is always a fun game for fans. And recently, even the actors on the show have to be confirmed by creator Ryan Murphy. Its first few seasons always had staple actors who’d return in new roles. American Horror Story: 1984 saw the departure of fan-favorites, but for Season 10 they’re all coming back. 

Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters onstage at the 'American Horror Story: Cult' For Your Consideration Event at The WGA Theater on April 6, 2018.
Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters onstage at the ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ For Your Consideration Event at The WGA Theater on April 6, 2018 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ryan Murphy just announced the main cast for ‘American Horror Story’ Season 10

Murphy shared a video to Instagram on Feb. 26 that showed a peaceful, yet sort of gloomy beach with Orville Peck’s “Dead of Night” playing in the background. Then, one by one, the names of the cast members for Season 10 of American Horror Story came up. 

Almost all the names listed are people returning. Returning cast members include Leslie Grossman, Angelica Ross, Lily Rabe, Billie Lourd, and Finn Wittrock. All of these actors played some sort of part in Season 9, 1984, with Lourd, Ross, and Grossman in main roles. 

Four other actors, including Kathy Bates and Adina Porter, are coming back after taking last season off. The last two actors coming back are fan-favorites Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters who both took their first season off since Season 1 last year. These two had always played integral roles in American Horror Story, so it felt odd to some fans not to have them around. 

Macaulay Culkin is joining the cast, but Emma Roberts and Cody Fern are sitting this one out

The one exception in that announcement was Macaulay Culkin, who is the only new member to join the cast in a main role. Culkin is famous for starring in the first two Home Alone movies as Kevin McCallister. He recently appeared on an episode of Dollface and the movie Changeland in 2019. 

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American Horror Story‘s Season 10 cast list also showed that some actors are taking a break, too, like Emma Roberts. Roberts had been in five of the last nine seasons including the last three. Also, recent AHS alum Cody Fern is not in the cast. Fern made his debut in Season 8, Apocalypse and had a prominent role in 1984

There isn’t a theme yet but Murphy’s confirmed in the past that he has one figured out

As stated before, the theme for each season is a big deal. Aside from Season 6, Roanoke, they’re typically announced beforehand. While this is just the cast announcement, a theme should be announced in the coming months before Season 10’s debut in the fall.

When speaking with Deadline in November, Murphy shared how he and the writers had “flirted” with the idea of aliens, which showed up for a bit in Season 2. But it’d be hard to use them as a full theme when the whole point of the show is the “American” aspect of it and space isn’t America. “It’s always a mysterious process of how I come up with the idea,” he said. “I really don’t even understand it.”

Even without the theme for next season revealed, American Horror Story’s cast list is surely going to make a lot of day-one fans happy.