‘Altered Carbon’ Season 3: Fans Are Desperately Hoping for the Return of a Beloved Character

Netflix shocked fans of their original drama, Altered Carbon, by killing off the main character at the end of season two. But in a world where consciousness lives inside technology, is death still the end? Some fans think Takeshi Kovacs could return to Altered Carbon.

Takeshi Kovacs appears to die in Season 2

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Altered Carbon creates a futuristic world where every person’s memories and consciousness are stored within a device, called a stack, which is implanted into the back of the neck as children. The stack is able to be moved into other bodies, which they call sleeves, transferring that person’s identity or soul into the new body.

So even after a person’s body wears out or becomes injured, they’re able to live on in a new body, effectively making the human race immortal. 

Kovacs is a soldier turned investigator, whose stack had been stored for years in a political prison. He was brought back to life, and offered another chance at freedom, in exchange for his help solving an important murder case. 

Season two takes place 30 years after viewers first met Kovacs. While searching for his lost love, Quellcrist Falconer, he is again recruited for his investigative skills on a series of brutal murders. He returns to his home planet of Harlan’s World, where he discovers that his quest for the killer and his hunt for Falconer are intertwined. 

After discovering that Falconer is host to an extraterrestrial entity, known as an Elder, and determined to kill everyone, Kovacs must figure out a way to save the human race. In the shocking season finale, he takes the Elder into his own stack and then lets the super-powered laser, known as Angel Fire, destroy them both. 

Is Takeshi Kovacs really dead?

Altered Carbon
Altered Carbon | Diyah Pera/Netflix

Viewers watched Kovac burn. Both his body and his stack was reduced to a pile of ash. So we assume he’s dead, right? After all, once a person’s stack is destroyed, all of their memories and their consciousness is destroyed with it. That’s usually the case, but some viewers are convinced he could return in season three. 

Hidden within the finale, are clues that Kovacs’ AI sidekick, Poe could have made a backup of his consciousness. During the fight scene, we see Poe scribble a decryption key onto a sticky note, which he gives to his friend Dig 301, also known as Annabel.

Later, they enter this key and a message appears on their screen, which reads, “Stack reconstruction in progress.” It doesn’t specifically say that their working on Kovacs’ stack, technically, it could be anyone. But it’s most likely Kovacs, which means his consciousness is not gone after all. He can still be brought back. 

How do fans think Takeshi Kovacs will return?

Netflix hasn’t announced whether Altered Carbon has been renewed for season three, but considering how much viewers love the show, we’re all hoping it is. However, the big question is what will happen to Kovacs? Surprisingly, there’s some debate about his future. Some think he should stay dead, but others want to see him return. So what can we expect?

Kovacs’ body was reduced to ash in the season two finale. So we know that he’ll need a new sleeve to return, which also means a new actor. But some don’t think it’s worth all that trouble.

After all, Kovacs finally found his lost love. He asked Falconer to spend her life with him, and she refused. In addition, it appears that she could be the villain in season three. There are those who believe Kovacs’ storyline has come to a natural end. What does he really have to live for? Maybe it’s best that Kovacs stay dead?

But there are others who think there’s plenty more story to tell. The Elders, and really the entire galaxy, could be explored more. Plus, when Kovacs is brought back, they could erase his last few memories, essentially giving him another chance with Falconer. After everything he’s been through, doesn’t Kovacs deserve some happiness?

Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to wait for season three.  Netflix hasn’t yet announced if Altered Carbon has been renewed for another season, but it’s speculated that it could be released in 2022. In the meantime, Netflix has released an anime version of the show, called Altered Carbon: Resleeved, to keep you busy.