Amanda Kloots, Celebrity Trainer, Teams up With Popsugar for New Fitness Series

We’re only 16 days into the New Year and there’s still plenty of time for a New You. Former Broadway dancer and celebrity trainer, Amanda Kloots has joined forces with POPSUGAR Fitness alongside four other fitness professionals to help curate a “full-body fusion” program for women on the go. The program, which is reasonably priced at just under $20, features 25 unique workouts, all under 45 minutes. It is accessible on all platforms so that people can choose to workout on the go, or in the comfort of their own homes.

Amanda Kloots former Broadway dancer
Amanda Kloots | Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Ketel One Botanical

POPSUGAR X Amanda Kloots

As a new mom, a business owner, a celebrity trainer, and a teacher at both Project by Equinox and Studio B, Kloots knows firsthand how difficult it can be to find the time for fitness. That’s why it was so important for her to partner with POPSUGAR to help create a super affordable and accessible program with zero gym intimidation. The former Broadway dancer loves the variety that the “full-body fusion” program offers. “If you really want to keep your body in shape, keep it guessing,” she explained to us. She continued on to share that she found the program to be a great way to try something new every day without “breaking the bank.”

Why making an at-home program was necessary

Becoming a mom has opened the trainer’s eyes to the importance of being able to get in a good sweat without ever leaving the house. Kloots knows that prioritizing fitness is of the utmost importance, but finding the time can be challenging. In a pinch, the dancer is known for putting her son in a carrier and strapping him onto her chest to get in a good workout. Not only is fitness important for your overall health, but it’s also an immediate mood booster she shared with us.

Why dance-cardio is a great way to workout

Though the plan offers a variety of different workouts, Kloots’ videos are all dance-cardio based. A former Radio City Rockette, Kloots has a true passion for dance cardio fitness. She loves the mind-body connection that dance demands. Her videos require you to move your body in all different directions while still focusing on your coordination. Unlike other activities, like running on the treadmill, dance-cardio really forces you to truly connect with your movements while toning your body in the process.

Amanda Kloots’ videos require minimal equipment

Another key feature of Kloots’ videos is that they all require little to no equipment. Having trained private clients, Kloots learned how important it was to be able to get in a great workout “anywhere at any time with no equipment.” Crafting workouts in this way eliminates many of the excuses that can result in missed workouts. Furthermore, the Broadway alum believes that being able to use just your body to get in a great workout can be a liberating experience.

The dance videos are accessible regardless of dance background

For those who are intimidated by dance, you’re not alone. Fortunately, Kloots intentionally made videos for the program that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their dance background or lack thereof. The videos include modifications that allow you to scale the movements to meet your needs. As someone who has taken less than ten dance classes, we personally found the videos to be high-energy, fun, and fairly easy to follow along with. The movements sometimes took a few times to nail, but Kloots wants people to know that that’s perfectly fine.

Let yourself be a beginner

“It’s okay to be bad at something at first,” the celebrity trainer shared with us. “People want to try something and be perfect right away and it’s okay not be,” she continued. She went on to say that people should feel free to really go for it because they could do the videos in the comfort of their own home. “You can make a fool of yourself at home,” she declared. Dance-cardio might not be something that clicks immediately, but Kloots promises that every time you turn on one of her videos you will improve. After a time, you begin to recognize the routines and you can put more and more effort into the movements. This, she ensured us, can lead to continued growth and motivation.

How to purchase the full-body fusion program

The “full-body fusion” program is certainly one that we would recommend. We think it’s especially helpful for those who are looking to jumpstart their fitness goals in 2020 but aren’t quite sure where to begin. We love the accessibility in cost and fitness level coupled with the fact you won’t have to spend hours at the gym just to see results. Kloots’ dance videos target all the main muscle groups and are fun enough that the time goes by much quicker than expected. If you’re ready to have fun and work up a sweat, you can purchase the four-week program in the Glow Fitness Marketplace.