Amanda Seales Says Lack Of Diversity With Executives at ‘The Real’ Contributed To Her Exit

Ever since Amanda Seales announced that she was leaving The Real, speculators have been curious as to why. Though Seales explained that her decision had everything to do with the show’s executives attempting to censor how much she spoke on racism, many are still questioning whether her co-hosts contributed to her exit. In a new interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Seales elaborated on how the lack of diversity among executives caused issues with content.

Amanda Seales
Amanda Seales via Twitter

Amanda Seales insists that her co-hosts on ‘The Real’ had nothing to do with her not renewing her contract 

Seales announced her exit during an Instagram live chat with fellow actor Brandon Victor Dixon, explaining that the show’s executives were not supportive of issues she deemed important to discuss on the show.

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I didn’t renew it, because it doesn’t feel good to my soul to be at a place where I can not, speak to my people the way they need to be spoken to. And where the people that are speaking to me in despairing ways are not being handled…I’m not at a space where, as a full black woman, I can have my voice and my co-workers also have their voices and where the people at the top are not respecting the necessity for black voices to be at the top too.

Despite her explanation, many assumed that she also had issues with her former co-hosts, namely Jeannie Mai, whom Seales had previous tense discussions around race with – as well as Loni Love, who’d been accused of having Tamar Braxton fired in 2016.

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Seales took to Instagram to dispel those rumors. “What y’all don’t understand is grown women do grown women business,” she said. “That’s what y’all don’t understand, and what I gotta do with my business ain’t got nothing to do with them sisters.”

Amanda Seales explains how leadership at ‘The Real’ was the primary contributor to her exit

During Seales’ chat with Hollywood Unlocked, when asked what she felt was the broken chain in the scenario that made it impossible for her to continue, Seales responded that it was leadership at the show.

For starters, Seales says though the show is marketed as being diverse, but the people in charge do not represent that as they are all white. For Seales, it caused conflict when having to speak on issues that executives did not understand.

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I was on a show that on its core base is, ‘These are diverse women who are talking about things and keeping it real to a diverse audience.’ But in reality, it’s being run by a white woman who doesn’t have the connection to that experience and our topics are being picked by someone who doesn’t, our chat is produced by a white man who has a disconnect by simply his experience in the world from what we’re going to be addressing and we have executives all the way up that are all white women.

Seales also said that the show wanted to incorporate more discussion on serious issues outside of entertainment and fashion, such as race and social issues. But, she said the executives did not prepare the audience for such.

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The audience is accustomed to a whole specific type of content…if you’re gonna upset the applecart, you gotta brace it. If you’re going to build a new [format], if you’re gonna level up, you have to put things in place…that happens through thoughtfulness and planning and foresight and when those things are lacking, people feel betrayed. A lot of the audience felt betrayed.

The audience’s response to Seales at times was hurtful and she did not feel supported fully by the executives. Though she believes they had the best intentions of bringing her on to incorporate more content of quality, she says they lacked the infrastructure.