Amber Portwood Is Officially Returning to ‘Teen Mom OG’, but What Made Her Want to Quit in the First Place?

Amber Portwood has made it official. She will be returning to Teen Mom OG for another season, according to E!. The mother of two announced late last year that she might be walking away from the show, and she aired her frustrations about the production of the series. Portwood noted that she was over dealing with criticism and hatred and was willing to step out of the spotlight to get some peace and quiet.

Portwood’s departure could have been disastrous for the franchise that has already experienced stagnant viewer numbers. Fans of the show don’t have to worry now, because Portwood will be back in all of her glory, but what was the real reason behind her decision to potentially step away from the camera?

Teen Mom producers weren’t giving Amber the attention she needed

Portwood has been a longtime star of Teen Mom OG, but she also happens to be among the most controversial personalities to take part in the show. Portwood, much like Janelle Evans, had her personal problems take center stage on the television series.

Portwood felt as though producers were no longer giving her a platform when she wasn’t fulfilling her role as the troubled, out-of-control person she was in the past. With a lack of drama, Portwood felt she was being pushed into the background in favor of stars who have been longtime fan favorites.

Teen Mom producers were making the star look bad

Portwood’s problem with the Teen Mom OG cast and crew originally stemmed from unflattering portrayals of the star, according to The Daily Mail. Portwood is no stranger to controversy. Her early years on the show depicted the star battling drug problems, fighting with then-fiancee Gary and losing custody of her daughter.

Portwood has since matured, found her way into a healthier relationship and welcomed her second child. She felt, however, that the show was still depicting her in a negative way. According to Portwood, if the show was going to portray her in a negative light, she was ready to walk away from it all because the criticism was just too much, and the benefits did not outweigh the costs associated with being a cast member.

Postpartum depression clouded her judgement

While Portwood was open about her struggle with postpartum depression, the show depicted it in a way that Portwood, at the time didn’t care for. Her anger towards the Teen Mom franchise may have been clouded by the mental health issues she was facing. Postpartum depression is daunting in the best of circumstances but living life under the microscope of a reality show can make it even more difficult. Portwood’s depression got so bad she was planning to hang herself, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Portwood snapped during the reunion episode and lashed out about the lack of reality in the reality show on Twitter. She has since had a change of heart, now that she is being treated for her depression. Portwood has publicly announced that she is excited about helping the show raise sagging ratings and utilizing filming as a platform to be open about her struggle after the birth of her son.

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