FX’s ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Episode 2 Recap — ‘Mr. Jingles’

This summer camp is super secluded and a little creepy, but you know what? That didn’t stop Brooke, Montana, and the gang from being counselors. Is Mr. Jingles out for revenge? Who is the man who broke into Brooke’s apartment? Here’s our recap of the second episode of American Horror Story: 1984, entitled “Mr. Jingles.”

This article contains spoilers from the “Mr. Jingles” episode of American Horror Story: 1984!

‘AHS: 1984’ Episode 2 begins with a woman driving up to Camp Redwood

This episode opens on, like, the third or fourth warning about the dangers of Camp Redwood. This time, the warning is from the woman at the psych ward, who tells the camp owner Mr. Jingles escaped. Miss Booth just brushes it off, even though Mr. Jingles is out for her.

Miss Booth says she’s prepared for an attack, as she whips a gun out of her desk. The woman shrugs and leaves Camp Redwood. Of course, she gets a flat tire as Mr. Jingles’ car is pulling up next to her. He kills her and cuts off her ear, just as the title song starts to play.

Turns out, Brooke just received a prank phone call during last week’s episode

Brooke is still pretty shaken up about what she thinks she saw. She tries to convince the rest of the counselors, again, that maybe they should leave, but Miss Booth interrupts her. Margaret Booth reassures them that God, and oh yeah, her gun is on their side.

Brooke and Montana are left alone in the girls’ cabin. They talk about trauma and Brooke has a flashback to her wedding day with a man named Joseph. (The ring from last week!) When it’s his turn to say “I do,” her fiancé goes on a killing spree, claiming Brooke slept with his best man. Brooke tells Montana she didn’t do anything and Montana says she believes her, sneaking in a kiss as she says it. Yikes. Brooke, who clearly didn’t want to be kissed, goes for a walk outside.

In the meantime, the boys are heading out to the shower. Miss Booth turns off the lights as Cody Fern’s character is walking back to his room to get his beach towel. The boy is yanked into a car by a man he calls “Daddy.” Viewers learn that his man helped him off the streets and in return, Xavier was forced to do gay porn. He says he doesn’t want to do those videos anymore, (he wants to be an actor after all,) and claims that he knows someone better to replace him. Xavier takes Daddy to the showers, where the man eyes up a naked Ray from a peephole. Xavier sneaks out of there and someone stabs Daddy mid-stare.

Billie Lourd of 'American Horror Story'
Billie Lourd of ‘American Horror Story’ | Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

The Night Stalker is back and trying to kill Brooke

Back with Brooke, she’s sitting on the dock when something, or someone, appears at her feet. She turns around to run and there’s the Night Stalker, blocking her exit. He tries to stab her but misses (typical) and Brooke runs away. The Night Stalker follows after her but is stopped by the man who they picked up from the side of the road. He says, “you’re not supposed to be here” before getting slashed by the Night Stalker in the throat and stomach. Strange.

The nurse is jamming out alone when she turns around and there’s Mr. Jingles. He’s made it to the camp. And Brooke, who was still running, finally gets the payphone, which is dead. The Night Stalker is about to pounce when the man, again, says “you’re not supposed to be here,” somehow still alive with his throat completely slashed open. The Night Stalker stabs him again and takes his id. When he turns back to the injured man, he’s gone. Like, completely disappeared.

At the same time, Ray screams because the boys finally found man killed by the showers. Xavier seems a little too uncaring to be innocent, but then, they see the man’s ear is missing. Margaret Booth enters to her cabin to find the Night Stalker there. He asks her to tell him about the man by the road, who had a counselor id from the 1970s.

The Night Stalker has a pretty dark past, as he tells to Miss Booth

Margaret Booth is over here setting the mood for this self-proclaimed servant of Satan. She tries to help his injuries and, in fact, convert him to Christianity. But she’s laying it on pretty thick, asking him about the worst thing that’s ever happened to him, and it’s all pretty dark. After listening to him, really listening, Margaret Booth tells him that it’s okay to do things, as long as you have God and trauma. With that in mind, she asks him to kill Mr. Jingles without tormenting any of the other campers.

This murder was the last straw for Xavier and Brooke; they’re getting out of this crazy camp. The counselors pile into their van and are ready to leave, until unfortunately, the bloody nurse runs in front of the van, causing Xavier to crash into another car. With their van broken, the gang needs to think of another plan and fast. They decide to break into two groups, get the nurse’s car keys and Trevor Kirchner’s motorcycle keys and get out of there. (Too bad Mr. Jingles took the car keys.)

Miss Booth finds the man hit by the car, whose name is Jonas. She explains to him that he must be dead, killed by Mr. Jingles in the 1970s. At the same time, the Night Stalker is out and about, ready to go after Mr. Jingles, breaking into the door of the first group. Too bad Mr. Jingles is at already after the second group, trying to break into their cabin. Will the counselors make it out of Camp Redwood alive?

The next episode of American Horror Story: 1984 premieres on Oct. 2 at 10 p.m. EDT.