FX’s ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Episode 6 Recap — Episode 100

‘American Horror Story’ fans finally figured out what’s the deal with Camp Redwood — Surprise! It’s purgatory. Are Xavier, Montana, and Ray doomed to walk the Camp Redwood forest forever? What’s next for the Night Stalker and Mr. Jingles? Will Margaret Booth go back to her life of crime? Here’s what you might’ve missed on this week’s episode of AHS: 1984.

This article contains spoilers from the ‘Episode 100’ episode of American Horror Story: 1984!

On ‘AHS: 1984’ Mr. Jingles is trying to put his life at Camp Redwood behind him

This episode of AHS opens on a motel in 1985, when a woman knocks on the Night Stalker’s door. She tells him to lower the music, which is obviously a bad idea. Just as the Night Stalker is about to pull her into his room, Mr. Jingles says to let her go. He’s had enough of the killing, he explains, but the Night Stalker says he can’t break that deal or there’ll be hell to pay. Literally.

Later, while the Night Stalker is out running errands, Mr. Jingles gets out of his car and hands a newspaper to a bystander with the Night Stalker’s face scrawled on the front page. The people release pretty quickly that Richard is the Night Stalker and they run after him. Someone clubs the killer in the face and he falls to the ground as Mr. Jingles happily drives away.

‘American Horror Story’ fans haven’t seen the last of characters Montana, Xavier, and Ray

Back at Camp Redwood, a random man is photographing the wildlife when he stumbles upon Montana sunbathing on the dock. She stabs him. Xavier and Brooke are truly cutting their losses, hanging out and making out at this cursed summer camp. Xavier says that nothing matters anymore. After all, being good got him nowhere. They found the newspaper that said Brooke is convicted of murder and Ray says they have to save her, pleading to a nearby hiker before Xavier slits her throat.

So what’s up with Margaret Booth? She’s a real estate mogul for haunted attractions. Fans learned that Trevor is still alive and unhappily married to Margaret. When he was in the hospital, she visited him and he blackmailed her, saying he could testify against her. She explains if they got married, he didn’t have to testify.

Brooke, who went to prison for Margaret’s murders, lost her appeal and will be executed. While Brooke is walking through the prison, she comes face to face with the Night Stalker and they exchange a few hostile words. Still, Brooke is pretty safe from him, all things considered.

Cody Fern of "American Horror Story: 1984"
Cody Fern of “American Horror Story: 1984” | CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images

On ‘AHS: 1984,’ Montana and Xavier are still killing people at Camp Redwood

At the prison, our protagonist, Brooke, hears a monologue from the Night Stalker discussing his favorite ways to die. Some of them are humane, most of them freak Brooke out. The Night Stalker finds his way into Brooke’s room and says he can get rid of all that if she pledges her life to Satan. She tells him no.

Meanwhile, Margaret Booth is talking about turning houses into murder attractions when she finds out murders are still happening at Camp Redwood. (Thanks a lot, Xavier and Montana.) She returns to the camp, opening a Halloween food and music festival, themed by the recent events. She ends her speech by asking, “don’t you want to be scared?” Chet hears her from the bushes and wants his revenge. Montana stops him from attacking, saying they’ll eventually get their chance.

For Mr. Jingles, this character finally looking to move past the camp with a son, a partner, and a promotion at his job. The couple sees a news report about Margaret’s festival on television and Mr. Jingles just brushes it off. He even tells his partner that he’s over it.

Mr. Jingles moved past his life with Margaret Booth at Camp Redwood

Back in jail, the Night Stalker gets a visit from a red-headed woman. She shares news about the concert at Camp Redwood; Billy Idol is the headliner. Apparently, the Night Stalker is a huge fan. He explains that a true artist appears over many decades and Richard has a fear of fading away.

After turning down another offer from the Night Stalker, Brooke is lead to her execution. The protagonist has a final message for Margaret Booth, who is watching her execution: she’s gonna burn for watching her die. Just as the needle enters Brooke’s arm, the power of Satan is released, via the Night Stalker. It’s this ominous power that consumes a guard and sets the serial killer free. Brooke’s time of death is read allowed.

Back with Mr. Jingles, he comes home from work to find blood spattered on the walls and his wife murdered in their bed. There’s a note from the Night Stalker over his baby, that reads “Satan will have his vengeance.” Mr. Jingles thinks the best thing to do is drop the baby off at his sister-in-law’s house. He walks away, complete with jingling keys. At the hospital, a masked person injects something into Brooke’s corpse and breathes the life back into her. It’s “Nurse Rita.”

The next episode of American Horror Story: 1984 premieres on Oct. 30 at 10 p.m. EDT.