FX’s ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Episode 7 Recap — The Lady in White

Will anyone actually die on AHS: 1984? Even after serving jail time and “dying,” fans haven’t seen the last of angsty Brooke. Finally, the former “counselors” of Camp Redwood will have their revenge on Margaret Booth. Will Mr. Jingles return to a predestined life of crime? Will Ray, Chet, Montana, and Xavier ever escape Camp Redwood? Will the Night Stalker live up to the legacy of his hero, Billy Idol? Here’s what you might’ve missed on this week’s episode of American Horror Story: 1984.

This article contains spoilers from the American Horror Story: 1984 episode entitled “The Lady in White!”

Lily Rabe stars in a 1940s flashback for ‘AHS: 1984’

Camp Redwood was even creepy during the 1940s. This episode of American Horror Story starts with a flashback of the camp taking place during 1948. There, the camp cook, portrayed by Lily Rabe, is yelling at her two kids, warning them to stay together. Of course, one of the boys wanders off to stare at the lifeguard making out with another counselor.

When he returns to the lake, the smaller brother, Bobby, has jumped into the water and was killed by the motor of a boat. The mother, in a fit of warranted hysteria, blames the negligent lifeguard and her other son, Benjamin.

Emma Roberts attends FX's "American Horror Story" 100th Episode Celebration
Emma Roberts attends FX’s “American Horror Story” 100th Episode Celebration | Photo by Rachel Luna/FilmMagic

There’s a new character, Bruce, causing trouble for Brooke and Donna

Back in the present-day, Nurse Rita, aka Donna, is carrying Brooke into a motel room. She explains that she switched the injection with a different drug, but it’ll take a few days to get it out of Brooke’s system. Once Brooke is feeling better, she decides she wants revenge on Margaret Booth. To distract her, Donna takes her to a roller rink. Unfortunately, Brooke has her mind made up.

A man named Bruce says he’s going up to Camp Redwood and asks for a ride. After initially saying no and then receiving some help with suspicious car trouble, they offer him a ride. Brooke finally had enough and asks him to get out, but he doesn’t move. Instead, the cops show up and Bruce ends up shooting him. The girls drive out of there as Bruce shoots the cop dead.

Mr. Jingles is back at Camp Redwood

Back with Mr. Jingles, who finally made it to Camp Redwood, the impersonators are pretty angry that he killed them. They take him to Montana and Xavier. Then, Chet explains that they’re not alone in the woods. The camp’s chef from the flashback even scares ghosts.

Mr. Jingles says he remembers the woman, who was actually his mother. Turns out, she killed a bunch of counselors to make them pay for Bobby’s death. She stabbed Benjamin in the leg, but during all the commotion, Mr. Jingles killed her. He thinks it’s her blood and rage that keeps them stuck there. Desperate to leave Camp Redwood, Xavier takes Mr. Jingles to find his mother and the two see each other for the first time in over 35 years.

She explains that she searches for Bobby every day and, ultimately, tries to end her suffering. She felt Benjamin’s presence when he became a counselor and she knows he fell in love with Margaret Booth. It was the mother who drove Margaret Booth to kill everyone at the camp. Why? This mother wants Mr. Jingles to suffer, to burn. She even says that his son is better off dead.

Mr. Jingles can’t escape his mother, and his past, at this camp

Donna and Brooke are stopped behind a truck when Bruce rams them with the police car, knocking them both unconscious. Bruce slaps Brooke awake and gives her a gruesome ultimatum: die or drag Donna along the road to her death. Brooke ends up shooting him in the leg and Donna flings a rope around his neck. They tying him to a pole and cut off his thumbs. (He won’t be hitchhiking anymore, Brooke snickers.)

Margaret Booth and the band, Kajagoogoo, officially landed at Camp Redwood with Trevor. Trevor wanders off and stumbles upon a giggling Montana. The two kiss. Meanwhile, one of the band members is enjoying a cigarette as the Night Stalker sneaks up behind him. Richard Ramirez explains that Kajagoogoo broke their contract with the devil and leaves them dead, in their van, for Courtney, Margaret Booth’s assistant, to find.

At the same time, Mr. Jingles is thinking alone on the dock. His mother comes up behind him. After getting yelled at some more, Mr. Jingles tells her he named his son Bobby, in honor of his late brother. With a changed heart, his mother tells him to run home but Mr. Jingles disagrees, saying he needs to protect his son. She says if he truly wants to protect his son, he needs to kill himself. He does and almost instantly comes back as a ghost, ready for revenge.

The next episode of American Horror Story: 1984 premieres on Nov. 6 at 10 p.m. EDT.