‘American Horror Story’ Pure Evil: The 3 Most Ruthless Characters

American Horror Storyfrom creepy masked clowns and an antichrist to bitter old drunks – has seen its fair share of malevolent characters. However, some, without an ounce of remorse or a shred of human decency, inflict punishment with an unsettling sense of ease. Sometimes, they even enjoy it and seek to inflict harm as a means of pleasure.

Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates
Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates | Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Highlighting the five most ruthless characters in all of American Horror Story, this list will exclude the Madison Montgomeries (Emma Roberts), as characters of her type have proven themselves “soft” and “regretful” on occasion. So, let’s see who makes the cut.

3) Fiona Goode (‘AHS: Coven’)

If you can utter the words, “This coven doesn’t need a new supreme. It needs a new rug,” after accidentally slitting the throat of a fellow witch (and proceeding to watch her bleed out), the empathy part of your brain is likely under-developed, that is, if it is at all existent.

Fiona Goode is so afraid of losing her status as Supreme, losing her power, being replaced, that she will sacrifice anyone to lengthen her grasp on life and regain her strength.

Obsessed with eternal youth and disgusted by her aging body, Fiona Goode drains the life from others to sustain her own. Fiona Goode may do “good” things at times (no pun intended), but her ruthless murdering sprees supersede fleeting moments of kindness and earn her a spot on this list.

2) James Patrick March (‘AHS: Hotel’)

James Patrick March: the man who builds a hotel, so famous murderers can continue killing innocent people. That seems normal.

A serial killer himself, James March took pleasure in killing his victims and seemed to take the phrase “the art or murder” quite literally, as he often killed his victims in playful and dramatic ways before indulging in necrophilia.

James March committed suicide before the police could take him away for the Ten Commandment Murders (he despised religion), but would remain one of the most infamous serial killers to ever live.

1) Delphine LaLaurie (‘AHS: Coven’)

Delphine LaLaurie. Where do you even begin with this wretched woman? A socialite in 1830s New Orleans, LaLaurie’s pleasure for torture is unsettling. Not to mention, Kathy Bates excels in this role, and fans of Misery can’t help but rejoice at the casting here; however, that’s a topic for another time. LaLaurie ruthlessly tortures her slaves in the attic, and she treats them like animals.

LaLaurie even goes as far as creating a beauty treatment from human pancreas she removes from her slaves. With a sharp tongue and a tendency to lean towards sadism, she gets what’s coming to her when Marie Laveau buries her alive and curses her with immortality.

Honorable Mentions: Kai Anderson, Papa Legba, Dr. Arthur Arden

Kai Anderson is a cult leader who uses fear to manipulate people; however, his traumatic childhood saves him from falling in the top three.

Papa Legba virtually embodies evil, as he is the gatekeeper of the spirit world. On a mission to keep life and death in balance, he’s often looking for souls. If Papa Legba had more screen time, and his ruthless tendencies were witnessed more frequently, he would have snagged a spot in the top three.

Dr. Arthur Arden was a Nazi and a rapist. Does it get worse than this? After writing nazi and rapist in one sentence, let’s go ahead and add Dr. Arthur Arden as a tie for the #1 spot. He deserves to be there.

NOTE: If you’re wondering why the Antichrist didn’t snag a spot or an honorable mention, thank his childhood weakness and yearn for compassion seen early on in Apocalypse.