‘American Horror Story’: The Most Terrifying Character From Every Season

Now in its seventh season, American Horror Story has been creeping out audiences since it first appeared on FX back in 2011. And while Cult is just getting started, it has a lot to live up to.

Each scary new location has brought with it a variety of terrifying characters. Here are the ones from each season that made us scream.

Murder House: Tate aka Rubber Man

Tate in skull make up walking through a school hall

Tate in American Horror Story: Murder House | FX

When the Harmons move into their spooky Los Angeles home, they quickly begin to notice that nothing is as it seems. Teenage Violet begins a relationship with her father’s young patient, Tate, who is famously responsible for shooting up a high school — when he was still alive, that is.

It’s later revealed that Tate also committed another atrocity: He’s the Rubber Man, who dressed up in a latex suit and raped Violet’s mother, Vivien, resulting in her pregnancy with his demonic child. Oh, and he also commits a bunch of other murders.

Runner-up: Infantata, the dismembered and reassembled Thaddeus Montgomery.

Asylum: Bloody Face

Thredson taking off the Bloody Face mask wearing gloves

Bloody Face on American Horror Story: Asylum | FX

Though many characters are present, Asylum is primarily the story of how the legend of Bloody Face came to be. In the present day, another man has donned the mask, but he came to be this way through his discovery of his father.

Played by Zachary Quinto, Dr. Oliver Thredson is a psychiatrist at Briarcliff in the 1960s, but as it turns out, he’s also a disturbed psychopathic murderer-rapist. The child he has with Lana Winters grows up to take his place, but Thredson is by far the scarier villain.

Runner-up: Dr. Arden, a former Nazi who performs violent experiments on Briarcliff patients, turning them into “Raspers.”

Coven: Delphine LaLaurie

Delphine LaLaurie's disembodied head resting next to a jar

Delphine LaLaurie’s head in American Horror Story: Coven | FX

Despite the subject matter, Coven definitely wasn’t the scariest season of AHS. Following a group of young witches in New Orleans, the supporting characters were generally the creepiest.

But one woman with top billing, Delphine LaLaurie, was terrifying in her own right. As a socialite known for torturing her slaves, she was scary enough in life. But as an immortal being, she fell back on her evil ways, rendering her the worst character on screen at almost any moment.

Runners-up: The reanimated serial killer Axeman and Papa Legba, an ancient voodoo spirit.

Freak Show: Dandy Mott

Dandy Mott wearing the bottom half of Twisty the Clown's mask

Dandy Mott wearing a mask in American Horror Story: Freak Show | FX

In a season full of, well, freaks, it’s the one who looks normal from the outside that is truly the villain. Enter Dandy Mott, an inbred sadist with a god complex who murders almost everyone he meets.

Though he ultimately ends up running the freak show, Dandy gets his due diligence in the end. The others drown the insane, spoiled brat in a final act of defiance.

Runner-up: Twisty the Clown, a formerly misunderstood performer who eventually snaps and works alongside Dandy in the lead-up to his death.

Hotel: The Addiction Demon

Stark white face that appears waxy with undefined features

The Addiction Demon on American Horror Story: Hotel | FX

The heart of the Hotel season involved the struggles of addicts of all sorts. So the Addiction Demon, also referred to as the Mattress Man, was the ultimate (and scariest) of the villains depicted.

The creature, which was human-like in form with long fingernails, first shocked audiences in Episode 1, when it was introduced while raping Gabriel with a drill bit phallic object. This scene has often been described as the most horrific of the entire anthology series.

Runner-up: James Patrick March, a serial killer with a hatred toward anything biblical.

Roanoke: The Butcher

Kathy Bates holds an cleaver and dons dirty clothes in American Horror Story: Roanoke

Kathy Bates in American Horror Story: Roanoke | FX

The plot of this season, which was kept under wraps due to the major twist that occurs halfway through, features both true historical villains and the performers who portrayed them in a reality show. The lead actress, Agnes Mary Winstead, becomes far too entwined in her character, Thomasin White, a serial killer also known as the Butcher.

But it’s the actual Butcher who is truly terrifying. She turns up and kills almost everyone involved in the project, including Winstead herself.

Runner-up: Mama Polk (the real one), a cannibal who will do anything for her offspring.

Cult: Kai Anderson

Kai Anderson in a yellow sweater surrounded by creepy clowns

Kai Anderson and clowns in American Horror Story: Cult | FX

Without a doubt, Kai Anderson was one of the most terrifying characters from Season 7, Cult.

Portrayed by Evan Peters, Kai is a full-on Trumpeter, complete with racist and homophobic views. He is positioned as a cult leader of sorts, only making him that much more horrifying.

Runner-up: All of those clowns are creeping to the top of the list.

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