‘American Idol’: Who Beat Claudia Conway During Duets?

Claudia Conway is well-known for her famous mother, Kellyanne Conway. Recently, the teen was on American Idol — and fans were surprised by the strength of her voice. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the next round. So, who was the American Idol winner who reigned supreme over Claudia during the duets round?

Did Claudia Conway get a ticket to Hollywood? She initially impressed the judges

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No one could’ve guessed Claudia would make her debut on American Idol. The teen is just 16 years old and well-known for speaking out against her famous mom. But she wanted to make a name for herself on the singing competition series and become an American Idol winner.

Few have heard Claudia’s voice prior to her debut on the show, and she initially did well. She sang a song by Adele that brought forth her emotions and impressed the judges. And she also talked about her difficult and complicated relationship with her mother.

“She loves me, I love her, it’s just, I feel like our relationship’s just a little … it’s a little iffy,” Claudia told the judges. “Most of my life, my feelings have been suppressed. So then I got social media, and now my voice is being heard.”

Claudia initially made it through to Hollywood, and her parents shared their excitement.

“She’s coming in here with so much heat on her,” Katy Perry said to the other judges. “I think if she can keep that heat off, quiet all the noise, and remember the innocence and love in her voice, I think there’s something there.”

Did Claudia Conway advance on ‘American Idol’?

Claudia had high hopes of becoming the American Idol winner after making it through to Hollywood. Unfortunately, she didn’t advance after duets week. She was partnered up with Hannah Everhart, a fellow teen from a whole different walk of life.

Hannah’s from Canton, Mississippi, a small town where everyone knows everyone. She initially auditioned with a Johnny Cash song — a far less contemporary choice than what Claudia chose. American Idol is giving Hannah the opportunity to step way outside of her comfort zone and head for big fame.

During duets week, Hannah was shocked to be partnered with Claudia. “That is not what I was expecting,” she told the cameras after discovering her partner. “Who did this? Everybody was laughing, but it wasn’t funny.”

Claudia then expressed frustrations over having difficulties collaborating with Hannah. Hannah appeared scared to work with Claudia, as she doesn’t have a lot of friends her own age. Ultimately, Hannah and Claudia completed their duet — and Hannah came out on top.

“I’m so proud of her,” Claudia told the camera after the loss. “She deserves it more than anything.” The teens then discussed how Hannah is going to FedEx a chicken to New Jersey for Claudia.

What night is ‘American Idol’ on?

Claudia singing on stage alone in the hopes of becoming the next 'American Idol' winner
Claudia Conway singing on ‘American Idol’ | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

So, how can fans tune in and eventually see the American Idol winner this season? Season 19 airs at 8 p.m. EST via ABC on Sundays and Mondays. For those without cable, Fubo TV is another option for live-streaming the show or watching it after it airs. Hulu Premium and YouTube TV are other options.

We’re excited to continue watching the idol hopefuls as they make it beyond duets and further into the competition. As for Hannah, as long as she continues to remain focused and avoids getting starstruck by the big-city life, we’re betting she goes far.

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