‘American Idol’: Who Do Fans Want to See Win the Most?

This season of American Idol has seen its fair share of controversy and excitement. We have seen fans bash Katy Perry for her antics, and we have seen reduced ratings because of it. Even with the lower ratings, fans have very clear favorites.

On top of all the drama surrounding one Idol judge, this season has produced incredible talents. Some singers have shocked the world with their unexpected voices, while others have failed under pressure.

It’s hard to believe that we are about to see the top 14 contestants whittled down to the top 10 so soon. For die-hard fans, we’re at a turning point in the competition.R

So, who do fans want to see make the cut, and move on?

Who do fans want to see make the cut?

Throughout the show’s history, we have seen fans predict winners. Sometimes the fans are correct, other times complete and utter disappointment sets in. Some of the most successful past winners surprised everyone, including the judges. Case in point, Taylor Hicks!

Then there were the winners and finalists that everyone seemed to predict. These are the contestants that appeared to catch America’s attention from the start. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, for example, were destined to win the show and top the music charts according to US Weekly.

So, who do fans want to see win this season’s, American Idol? Are there any clear favorites or any underdogs we need to keep our eyes, and ears on?

Who are fan favorites in season 17?

So far we have heard a lot about many of the contestants. According to Gold Derby‘s pole, American Idol viewers are rooting for three clear favorites.

The first is Alejandro Aranda. His rendition of the song Yellow by Coldplay left fans wanting more. He might be the biggest threat to win the show.

Jeremiah Harmon from Maryland is also a fan favorite. On top of having talent on his side, he has also overcome a lot in his personal life. His parents have not been able to accept his sexual orientation. Despite all he has been through he has not let it slow him down.

Another fan favorite that might just take the whole competition is Laine Hardy. A Louisiana native, Hardy is the underdog for season 17.

Do fans want Laine Hardy to win the most?

This might seem out of left field for some, but many people are saying this season’s winner might be Laine Hardy. America loves an underdog story, and Hardy might be just what they want.

What makes Laine Hardy a great underdog for the show? It turns out this is not his first time making a go at American Idol. He was also on season 16. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the top 50.

Now he is back to prove to himself and the world that he has what it takes. He is not just going to sit back and let others take the win. He plans to fight for it. But like all great competitions, he has a lot of stiff competition. The other top 14 singers want to win just as badly.

To make things much harder this season is the wildcard judges. American might be the ones making the decision soon, but the judges will still have plenty to say.

It will be interesting to see how much each judge will be able to influence America’s vote. Each of them come with a lot of fans, and that could easily tip the scale and change everything.