‘American Idol’: Will ’90 Day Fiancé’ Star, Evelyn Cormier Return to Her Family’s Band After the Show?

Evelyn Cormier has been trying to make it in music for some time. She first started out in a family band but is now going out on her own on American Idol. What are her plans after the competition? This is what she said about her future plans and more.

Evelyn Cormier started music with her family

Evelyn Cormier
Evelyn Cormier | Getty Images/Eric McCandless

The reality star started to learn a new instrument with help from her father. It makes sense that things only grew from there.

At about age 12, my father showed me a couple of chords on the guitar and I quickly became proficient enough to start writing my own music,” Cormier told the Boston Voyager. “At age 14, I had my own band that consisted of adult musicians.”

That band included her father, Micaiah. She still works with him, according to the Eagle Times. Her single, “Yard Sale Guitar” features her brother, Solomon playing the piano and her father playing acoustic and electric guitar.

The family is also very much tied to their church. Cormier went to a Christian school before getting homeschooled starting in the fourth grade. She also used her music while being a worship leader. What are her plans for the family band after American Idol?

Cormier said no matter what she will continue with her family band

It looks like Cormier doesn’t plan on letting American Idol change her. She started with her family’s band and plans to return.

No matter what happens on American Idol, I will continue recording and playing with my family band,” she told In Touch Weekly. “We serve on the worship team together at our church — as long as I am in the area. My plans are to continue recording with my current producer and to use my family as some of the musicians on my tracks.”

“They are very important to me especially my brother, Solomon, who is a gifted pianist who collaborates with me a lot on my music,” she continued. “That kind of musical relationship is not easy to come by or recreate with other people.”

Her goal, in the end, is to be a full-time musician

Before American Idol, Cormier was continuing her music different ways. She has a YouTube channel where she posts new music and music videos. Cormier also has a subscription service.

Her Patreon allows members to pay and subscribe to her. They, in turn, can get different perks at different subscription levels. The lowest gives access to exclusive clips for $1 a month. The highest is her performing at a party or event for $1,000 a month.

She was an independent artist. Starcasm reported that the money from the service helped her continue her music according to the description.

So win or lose, Cormier plans to go back to playing with her family. She also plans to continue working on her solo career.

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