‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 11: 6 Best (and Worst) Acts So Far

America's Got Talent

America’s Got Talent group shot Season 11 | NBC

At this point we are deep into the competition on America’s Got Talent. We have seen a lot of talented acts go home way too early. But we still have a lot of amazing contestants left in the live competition.

On the way we have seen some really disappointing performances. Some acts bombed so hard that they got booed by the audience and buzzed off the stage by our judges. But we have also had amazing acts that defied what we thought was possible and were met with a standing ovation.

So what are some of the worst and best acts so far? Here are six that fortunately or unfortunately made the cut!


Danny Palumbo


Comedy is one of the toughest things to pursue, so having a comedian in the worst acts is practically inevitable. Sadly this season it was this comedian who bombed. It’s obvious where the set was going, but it wasn’t resonating with the crowd. Danny then made one fatal mistake.

The comedian talks about his mother and how she’s not picking up his calls. So he basically makes a joke about how he’s trying to “play it cool” with his mother as if he’s dating her. The huge Adobe theater is eerily quiet until Simon hits his buzzer. The crowd itself starts agreeing by booing the comedian.

This is when a comedian should take the hint and switch gears in order to win over the audience. Instead Danny digs in even more into his failing set. It of course doesn’t work, and the audience start motioning for the other judges to hit their buzzers.

What’s probably the saddest thing about this act is that he gives up on himself. After the audience turned on him he said, “That’s it I’m out.” Of course bombing is a nightmare, and it would probably make anyone want to quit. But if this is your passion, you really should stick with it by using other material.

Howie Mandel advises Danny to play into things when he’s bombing and be witty. Hopefully the comedian takes the advice and runs with it in the future. For now he is on the bottom of the list for not just bombing, but also giving up.

Armando The Magician

There have been a few magicians that have made it pretty far this season. Jon Dorenbos is one of them who seems to always know what the judges are thinking. The football player might be one of the finalists this season. But like comedians, it’s tough to watch magicians bomb on stage. However we did watch one do so for his second audition.

Armando tricked Mel B into being his volunteer, which probably was a sign that this wasn’t going to be a good performance. From there he had her get on stage and asked her to find which hand had his “nugget.” The crowd starts booing almost at the moment he announces his game. It also looks like he messed up his reveal.

Simon thankfully wanted to put everyone out of their misery by hitting his buzzer along with Howie. Armando keeps trying and even pulls out a baby chick. The funniest part of that is that Mel leans in to tell him she saw exactly where he got it.

The magician was so over the top throughout his performance that you end up rooting against him. When he’s funny it’s mostly because you’re laughing at him rather than with him. If he ever comes back, hopefully he will have vastly improved his performance.

Amazing Sladek

Here is another second audition that went down in flames. The 57-year-old daredevil is America’s oldest acrobatic hand balancer. He impressed the judges by balancing on numerous stacked chairs with no safety net. Of course his goal was to top his last performance, but he failed miserably.

At his second round Sladek decided to ditch the chairs and daredevil suit for trampolines and comically large suits. That could be an interesting switch up, but instead what he and his brother did with the prop was something we all have done.

Sladek jumps on the trampoline and purposely falls in between its strings. That can be dangerous but hardly death defying like his first act. He was also obviously playing a character that might as well have been a clown, which takes away the danger and high stakes his act had before.

As if that wasn’t enough the brothers both strip off their suits to reveal pink dresses. It’s no secret that they were trying to be funny, but their joke fell flat. At the end the judges try to get to the bottom of the change in the act. The brothers say they were inspired by Heidi’s advice to get rid of the outdated costume.

We agree that the costume wasn’t doing Sladek any favors. However, why they took it as far to change their daring act to a clown one over one simple note is mystifying. This definitely killed their chance for the million dollar prize.


Sofie Dossi

The 14-year-old contortionist really exceeded expectations with her first audition. The little girl was able to balance on her hands and feed herself an apple and shoot an arrow with her feet. So it wasn’t shocking that she moved on to the next round. However, she was going to have to raise the stakes.

Well, she did so with her second performance. There she was able to bend her body in half and hang by her neck on a hoop in the air. She then shot an arrow with her feet again, but with the arrow on fire.

Sofie is not only good at contortion, but she’s also a performer in every way. While doing her stunts she is emoting with her face to really sell it. Others might instead have a focused stare while trying not to hurt themselves.

Reba was the guest host that week and after saying “I think actions speak louder than words,” she hit her golden buzzer. Sofie has made it to the live shows, and her next performance will likely be very special.

Laura Bretan

The youngsters are really bringing it this season! The shy little 13-year-old came on stage not sure what to think about auditioning in front of the world and Simon Cowell. The judges and the audience didn’t expect to get such a killer performance.

When she opened her mouth she gave a moving opera performance. Although the song wasn’t sung in English, everyone knew what they were witnessing was special. Laura also had the candor of a much more professional performer. She was not only able to move people with her voice, but with her emoting. She looked like she knew pain and heartbreak even though she’s in 8th grade.

After the performance, she got a standing ovation. She had everyone wondering where the heck that powerful voice came from. She also cried afterwards from the overwhelming support of everyone around her.

Of course it all ended with Mel hitting her buzzer to send Laura to the live shows. We have since heard the little girl sing again, and it was a treat for our ears. However, the surprise from her first audition is hard to beat. She is definitely one to watch out for.

Grace Vanderwaal

There are many great singers on the show this season, so it could be hard to stand out. But the fact that Grace is just 12 and is writing songs is what sets her apart from the rest. Her first performance involved just her with her ukulele singing an original song called “I Don’t Know My Name.”

Her voice is mature and unique. The lyrics of the song are touching, fun, and much better than you would expect from a little girl. By the end of the performance she won every single person over including Simon.

He compared her to Taylor Swift, which makes sense. She’s young, writing songs, and even has the hair cut. She got the golden buzzer for her amazing talent, which was justified. The show also knows what it has on its hands because we haven’t seen the young girl since.

Hopefully her next performance will be able to live up to the first. Even if it doesn’t, there is a good chance this won’t be the last we will hear of Grace. She tops the list for not only having a great voice, but also surprising everyone with an original song and playing a unique instrument.

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