‘America’s Got Talent’: Fans Love Terry Crews as the New Host

Now in its 14th season, America’s Got Talent has a new host, and fans are freaking out. Unlike Tyra Banks, Terry Crews actually looks like he was made for the job. He doesn’t seem at all uncomfortable being on stage among so many talented people. In fact, he seems to thrive in it.

Crews, who has a strong comedic background, helps take some of the pressure off the contestants. Whenever things start to feel stressful, you can bet he’ll say or do something that will make the audience laugh. Or he will take his shirt off and do a few dozen pec rolls.

He also seems to get along with the judges. Fans don’t want to see the host and the judges feuding or arguing. That takes attention off the contestants. This season’s group of stars, seem to have good chemistry together, thanks in part to Terry Crews joining team AGT. Fans have noticed, and social media is blowing up.

Terry Crews
Terry Crews | Art Streiber/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

His most notable roles

Most fans are used to seeing Terry Crews play NYPD Sergeant Terry Jeffords in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He has had a lot of other notable roles before hosting America’s Got Talent.

TV roles from shows like Everybody Hates Chris and Are We There Yet? helped put him on the map. He has also done a few hosting shows in the past, including Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and the AGT spinoff, America’s Got Talent: The Champions. It is this experience that makes him the best man for the job.

Crews has also found success in the movie industry. His larger than life physique made him perfect for the Expendables, acting alongside some of the best action stars today. He has also been in White Chicks, Idiocracy, Deadpool 2, and Friday After Next.

Although most people only know Terry Crews as an actor and comedian, he actually had a completely different career, before starting in show business. In 1991, he was drafted in the 11th round for the Los Angeles Rams. After playing for several NFL teams, he eventually made the switch to acting.

He was voted Time’s Person of the Year

As if Terry Crews didn’t already have a lot to brag about, he was voted Person of the Year, by Time Magazine back in 2017.

The magazine made their designation after Crews spoke up about the sexual assault he himself had gone through. This was during the peak of the “Me Too” movement. He was one of the few men that stepped forward to tell their story.

He has also been a long-time advocate for women’s rights. The father of five, knows all too well who he is leaving this world to, and making it a better place seems to be a big priority for him.

Fans love Terry Crews as host of ‘AGT’

Not only has Terry Crews brought over his own huge fan following over to America’s Got Talent, but the longtime fans of the show have embraced him. After he got on stage and interacted with the talent, he proved he could hang with the best of them.

Fans love Terry Crews as host of AGT because, in a lot of ways, he is a big fan himself. You can tell when the camera sweeps by him, that he is into the show. He really wants to see the contestants move on to the next round.

Unlike past hosts, Tyra Banks, Nick Cannon, Jerry Springer, and Regis Philbin, Crews seems like he is there for the unforgettable experience. With the other past hosts, it was as if they were waiting for something better to come along.