‘America’s Got Talent’: Is it Now a Singing Competition?

Linkin' Bridge

Linkin’ Bridge on America’s Got Talent | Trae Patton/NBC

America’s Got Talent allows any kind of contestant to come on to the show, but they can only stay if they do have talent. This is what sets the series apart from shows like The Voice and American Idol, which primarily focus on singing. We had a lot of predictions for Season 11 that included the future of this season featuring a lot of singers.

That’s because most of them got the golden buzzer during their auditions and therefore had the promise of coming back through the live shows. But perhaps this was an early sign of the show’s future. Did America’s Got Talent become a singing competition?

Of the 10 finalists, half of them happen to sing. Typically the voters who watch the show like to spread the love among different types of contestants. Many of the winners in the past have been magicians who still work in Las Vegas. But this year, the chances are good that a singer will win it all. The group of remaining singers seem like they’re in the fiercest competition, with multiple acts improving every time they hit the stage.

Shockingly, the best in this category also happens to be the youngest on the show. For example there is Laura Bretan who is a 14-year-old who sounds like a professional opera singer. Simon Cowell had nothing but nice things to say to her after she auditioned.

I have never heard anything like that in all the years I’ve been doing this show. Seriously. It was unbelievable, And what made it even better is you’re such a sweet person, so humble, not even aware of how amazing you are.

grace vanderwaal

Grace VanderWaal on America’s Got Talent | NBC

Cowell then went on to hit his golden buzzer for her. Since then, Bretan has been safe from the bottom for the whole competition. Since she is such a great technical talent she could actually win the entire competition. But then there are still other singers on the show who are fan favorites.

Grace VanderWaal is only 12-years-old and she also has been impressing the world since her first moment on the show. Not only does she have a unique and mature voice, but she writes her own songs. At the end of her audition she got multiple comparisons to Taylor Swift. Howie Mandel then hit the golden buzzer for her. Throughout the competition she has continued to impress with original songs, and the judges have assured her that she will become a huge star one day. Not once has she been in danger of going home. The other singers in the competition have also impressed, but they have also had their weaker performances.

It probably shouldn’t be a surprise that so many singers are succeeding this season in the competition. The reality show was pretty dedicated to finding talent to audition for the show. That includes Jayna Brown who became popular on YouTube. She claimed people from the show “called her regularly” to come out and audition. Before the show she posted videos of her singing that got as many as 4 million views. It makes sense for the reality show to ask people to come audition because they’ll know that talented people will actually come.

Tape Face on America's Got Talent

Tape Face on America’s Got Talent | NBC

Some of these contestants even get paid for their time and effort. But that doesn’t mean the producers of the show stacked the competition to lean towards singers. Although there is definitely a high chance of a singer winning this season, it doesn’t mean that it’s all over yet. There are some other fan favorites that have very different talents.

We have Eagles football player and magician, Jon Dorenbos who also hasn’t been in the bottom once this season. There is a good chance that fans will vote for him no matter what. Although he is the one contestant who needs to win the least in this competition in order to have a career in entertainment.

Then there are The Clairvoyants on the show who have shown multiple times that they have been able to read minds, and are somehow mentally connected to each other. They also haven’t been at risk and have had very amazing performances on the stage. Perhaps there will be a surprising steal from the engaged couple who is perfect for Las Vegas.

So it is true that there are a lot of talented singers this season, so America’s Got Talent might come across as another singing show. But there is also a talented mime, magician, contortionist, clairvoyants, and a juggler who can still win this season. They have some tough competition from the singing category, but it’s up to America to decide what this show becomes and who wins.

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