‘America’s Got Talent’: 6 Predictions for Season 11

There are some pretty dumb reality shows out there. But America’s Got Talent certainly isn’t one of them since it showcases so many wonderful and talented people. Now the show is back in full force with auditions. So far many contestants have been buzzed off the stage. But there are also three who got the golden buzzer and therefore made it right through to the live show. The past seasons have had some twists and turns, so what can we expect from the new one? Well given what we’ve seen so far, here are six predictions we have for this season.

1. Simon will sign Grace Vanderwaal and market her as the next Taylor Swift

grace vanderwaal

America’s Got Talent | Source: NBC

The 12-year-old got the golden buzzer after she performed her original song with her ukulele. Her tone was surprisingly fitting for a more mature singer, and her song was actually pretty good. “I think you’re the next Taylor Swift,” Simon said after the performance. The comparison is probably because of her haircut, she’s young, and she writes songs. This is a smart move.

There is no doubt that Simon will sign her and market her after the woman who is now dominating the music industry. The thing is she definitely could be successful. Taylor Swift cornered the tween demographic which is pretty loyal. Young people will no doubt identify with Grace and learn all of her songs. She is a very strong contender, but if she doesn’t win it all then it likely still won’t be the last you hear from her.

2. A new boy band group will be made out of the high school singing groups

America's Got Talent

America’s Got Talent | Source: NBC

So far there are multiple singing groups on the show who are all in high school. That includes Musciality and the acapella group, One Voice. The groups are quite large but could be easily narrowed down to their strongest voices to create a boy band.

The reason we predict this move is because Simon has done it before. One Direction was formed with Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik auditioning as solo acts on The X Factor. They then went on to make three albums and create a pretty strong fan base. Sadly the group fell apart and now Zayn Malik is a solo act. That means Simon might be open to making a new group, and there is definitely room for it in the music industry.

Right now Musciality seems to be the stronger of the two just because more singers got to show off what they could do with their first performance. But who knows, maybe an interesting boy band could be formed out of both groups and get the same amount of fame as the boy band that came before them.

3. D.J. Demeres will have a strong comedy career after this

D.J. Demeres

America’s Got Talent | Source: NBC

The comedian went on stage right after a previous comedian bombed hard. However he was able to win over the audience almost immediately. D.J. was able to make light of his hearing disability in a fun way. But he always made the smart move of not making it a gimmick. He moved on to his sexuality and was able to toy with his audience with timing and common assumptions.

The comedian could make it far in the competition, but probably won’t necessarily win. That’s fine because we predict he will have a strong comedy career after this. The comedian is good looking and could see a lot of success in television and movies.

Also thanks to different streaming services like Netflix there are so many up and coming comedians who are getting their own comedy specials and series. We can definitely see D.J. getting his own one-hour special and then partnering up with funny comedians in a scripted platform. He’s definitely a star in the making who has figured out who he is and how to make that into a unique act.

4. 11 Play will be very strong contenders

America's Got Talent

America’s Got Talent | Source: NBC

There isn’t anything quite like 11 Play. There were many illusionists that came on to the show, but the Japanese group was able to mix dancing and drones. Chances are if they are able to be smart with their song choices and keep up the creativity they can make it very far in the competition.

Now will they actually able to reach fame and fortune after the show? That might be the bigger question. Dancers from previous shows like America’s Best Dance Crew have been able to do commercials and cross over to other reality shows like So You Think You Can Dance. Chances are they won’t become a household name like other acts from the competition. But they will be able to do the same moves as the people before them.

5. Musicality is the music group to watch

America's Got Talent

America’s Got Talent | Source: NBC

We have two high school singing groups so far. But if we have to compare Musciality and One Voice then we have to say Musicality is the one going to take it home. Musicality has many good singers that are able to make beautiful solos.

Since One Voice is an acapella group, many of its singers were stuck in the background while only one singer got the shot to blow the audience away. That is fine, but it might get old if they don’t show the ability to switch it up. Also as an acapella group they may have a tough time fighting with the audience. A lot of their performance was drowned out by the cheering of the crowd, which means only the lead singer was heard for the majority of the performance.

But again there might not be a total loss for One Voice. If Simon gets to cherry pick singers and make a boy band out of the groups, then they all may have a chance for success after the competition.

6. Good Girl won’t win but they might be signed

America's Got Talent

America’s Got Talent | Source: NBC

Another famous singing group that was formed on The X Factor was Little Mix, so reality shows are definitely not against girl groups. When Good Girl came to the stage they already had a look. All of the girls had their own colorful hairstyle to make them memorable. They also had the moves and were totally in sync. They also were on the same page of who was the leader, which probably makes the politics of the group run more smoothly. When they sang, the performance turned the competition into a concert with Envogue’s “What’s it gonna be.”

What we’re saying is that this girl group is professional and basically already packaged, and just needs to be signed. They made it through, but Simon warned them that they had to come back with something to really make them pop. They might fail at this, but that just means they need a mentor to take the group that much farther.

This competition show might be less about winning for the group, and more about getting signed by Simon. We would be very shocked if the judge didn’t take the bait because honestly they are more put together than many of the girl groups already out there today.

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