‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 13: 1 Act That’s Really Scaring Mel B

America’s Got Talent is back with our judges Simon Cowell, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum. We will see who will be hitting their golden buzzer showing which acts they love the most. But some of the judges have teased which upcoming acts have scared them (page 5) and why.

Before getting to that, there will be some changes given someone walked away from the show recently. Here are seven things to know about Season 13, including what Nick Cannon has to say about not being part of this new season.

1. Nick Cannon says he’s happy he left the show

Nick Cannon is holding a microphone on stage of America's Got Talent.

Nick Cannon on America’s Got Talent | NBC

  • The comedian said leaving the show was about freedom of speech for him.

Before getting into the acts in the new season, some might need to be reminded that Nick Cannon is no longer hosting because he quit the show. Tyra Banks will be taking his place after he walked away for getting reprimanded for joking about the network in his comedy act.

It was super-controversial for some time … but it was a freedom-of-speech process and me standing firm for my own beliefs and culturally who I am, and really for all the employees who have been thumb-pressed by their bosses,” the former host told Yahoo! He seems to be happy with what he’s doing now.

“I’ve probably made so much more money since walking away from [AGT] and doing it the way that I wanted to do it. I’m almost like, ‘Man, I should’ve stepped away earlier,’” he said.

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2. There will be silly acts making it through

Heidi Klum on America's Got Talent

Heidi Klum on America’s Got Talent | NBC

  • Not all acts will be scary. Some will be pushed through because they make the judges laugh.

It looks like there will be diversity in the acts when it comes to tone. “Silly, silly things. There’s these two guys who make noises with their stomachs, for example,” Klum told Parade.

She also added,”They’re really talented and hilarious. Some people might think, “Why would you let that through?” But some people, they just make us laugh, and their talent is to make people laugh.”

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3. Heidi Klum teases the Spice Girls could appear on the show

Spice Girls

The Spice Girls in 2007 | Getty Images

  • The judge thinks a Spice Girls reunion is possible.

Since the show has one Spice Girl, maybe they can get the rest? Heidi Klum thinks that is possible. “I would vote yes on that. And if that happens, there might be an extra Spice Girl,” she told Parade.

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4. There are more unexpected acts this season

America's Got Talent

America’s Got Talent | NBC

  • Mel B warns many acts aren’t what you think when you first see them.

Some acts are pretty straightforward but it looks like we’ll get a few curveballs this season. “So sometimes you think it’s going to be a regular singer and it’s not,” Mel B told Billboard. “They are doing something else or they are dressed like something else or it’s something different that they are doing that is shocking and you don’t know what you are going to expect.”

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5. Mel B teases there is a scary magician this season

This is a close up of Mel B smiling and posing on the red carpet.

Mel B. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

  • Mel B says she was scared of a magician even behind the scenes of the show.

There have been many acts that were hard to watch on the show and this season will be no different. She said there is one magician who would fit perfectly in a horror movie.

I went into my dressing room and she followed me down the hallway and I said, ‘Wow, you are still following me!’” she said, according to Billboard.

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6. She said she couldn’t sleep because of this magician

Mel B is a pink dress and talking on the judge panel.

Mel B. on America’s Got Talent | NBC

  • The judge said she had to leave her TV blasting after the act.

Mel B’s fear didn’t stop once she left the set. “I had my TV blasting because I couldn’t sleep because I thought, ‘Is she going to come to my house?’ I’m that much of a scaredy-cat!” she told Billboard.

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7. Heidi Klum reveals she is also scared of a specific act

Heidi Klum Attends Her Intimates Collection Launch At Myer

Heidi Klum | Luis Ascui/Getty Images

  • The judge was scared after she had to participate in Aaron Crow’s act.

Mel B isn’t the only one who was scared after filming the show. Klum participated in Aaron Crow’s act and it freaked her out.

He calls me up on stage, asks me for my ring, carves out the center of an apple, puts my ring inside, places the apple on my head and then goes into the audience with a bow and arrow to shoot the apple with,” she told Billboard. “Clearly, all went fine since I’m telling you about it, but that was definitely a crazy moment, and there are lots more like it this season.”

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