‘America’s Got Talent’: Will There Be a Season 15 Winner After the Pandemic Interrupted Filming?

The current season of America’s Got Talent (season 15) is now airing on TV. An integral part of the NBC competition show AGT is the live audience, who reacts to each contestant honestly and loudly. Crowds cheer or boo, depending on their assessment of the talent. However, the COVID-19 pandemic threw America’s Got Talent, in addition to many other live-taped shows, into chaos, forcing the series to adapt. One of the most famous AGT judges, Simon Cowell, recently commented on whether or not America’s Got Talent Season 15 will still have a winner.

‘America’s Got Talent’ judge Simon Cowell on how the COVID-19 outbreak changed this season

America's Got Talent
Paul Zerdin, Nick Cannon, Drew Lynch on America’s Got Talent | Virginia Sherwood/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cowell explained the “mindset” behind America’s Got Talent’s approach to filming during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Where we can, we’ve gotta try to see as many people as possible,” Cowell said of the show’s original approach. However, “by day 11,” things changed. The AGT judge continued:

We just went OK, it really, really isn’t safe now for the crew, anyone who auditions, so we stopped that and then we started doing some remote auditions like we’re talking now, which was interesting.

However, Cowell doesn’t believe that season 15 will suffer as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

“The good news is, we did see a lot of people, so it hasn’t affected the overall quality of the talent,” Cowell said. “We still found some amazing people as we do every year.”

The AGT star was especially impressed with the contestants this season.

“I think you’ll see on episode one, it’s jam-packed full of the most amazing people, the most amazing stories, and I think the team, bearing in mind how they’ve had to do it remotely, have done an amazing job,” Cowell said.

America's Got Talent Simon Cowell and Terry Crews
Simon Cowell and Terry Crews of America’s Got Talent Season 15 | Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic

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The judge continued on the America’s Got Talent team’s plan for the future. ET ensured readers that “everyone continues to practice social distancing.”

Cowell says ‘AGT’ Season 15 will still name one contestant their champion

Cowell also believes wholeheartedly that season 15 will end with a winner.

“I mean, I don’t think we’re gonna be at the Dolby Theatre with 3,000 people,” he clarified. (America’s Got Talent still can’t have a live audience.) Cowell continued:

I don’t think that is gonna happen this year, so we’ve come up with about three different creative ideas about how we can make the live shows work but not feel as if scale and everything else connected with the show is lost. It will look different … but it will still give every act the opportunity to shine as they normally do in the finals.

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He went on to emphasize that the final contestants will no doubt have their lives transformed — this year even more than in the past, because of the way the economy and the world have changed.

“They’re gonna need this more than ever, so whatever we’re gonna need to do, we will get to the end of the finals this year,” the America’s Got Talent judge said. “There will be a winner and we’ll make sure no one’s compromised, you know, through the process.”