Amy and Jonah Experience Déjà Vu in ‘Superstore’

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the newest episode of Superstore. Up until this point, Amy and Jonah’s relationship took a backseat in season 5 of Superstore. Aside from a few short scenes or exchanges, the two characters were rarely seen together as a couple.

This changed in “Trick-or-Treat.” In the Superstore episode, the focus was put back on Amy and Jonah’s relationship. When Jonah’s ex, Kelly, returned to Cloud 9, the employees all experienced déjà vu.

‘Superstore’ cast | Trae Patton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Cloud 9 is close to unionizing in ‘Superstore’

Since the end of season 4, the employees of Cloud 9 have been working to unionize the store. In the newest episode of Superstore, it’s revealed that they almost have enough signatures to move forward with the union. Jonah holds a union meeting in the break room and does not tell Amy because he was advised to keep management at a distance.

As Amy and Jonah bicker in the break room, the other employees gush at how cute the couple is. When Jonah and Amy were first getting together, their relationship and friendship involved a lot of angst. The employees of Cloud 9 often witnessed their big relationship moments.

Kelly visits Cloud 9 in the new episode

Jonah tells Amy that an employee from one of the other Cloud 9 locations will bring the signed union cards. The same day, the new district manger arrives to meet the Cloud 9 employees. The Cloud 9 employee from the other location turns out to be Jonah’s ex-girlfriend, Kelly.

Amy is obviously peeved that Jonah did not tell her that he and Kelly were working together. To make matters worse, Kelly and Jonah unintentionally wear matching Halloween costumes. As the three discuss the union, the new district manager walks into the break room and is surprised to see Kelly. To cover for them, Amy lies and says Kelly and Jonah are dating.

Neither Kelly nor Jonah want to revisit their past relationship and pretend to be dating, but the new district manager insists on having coffee. Before leaving the break room, Kelly hides the union cards in a Halloween gift bag. Amy, Jonah, and Kelly then sit down for an extremely awkward cup of coffee with the district manager.

Cheyenne and Mateo wonder if Dina is a serial killer in ‘Superstore’

There are two other small subplots in the newest episode of Superstore. In the first one, Garrett and Glenn are assigned to monitor the makeshift haunted house. Glenn is struggling on Halloween after being diagnosed with diabetes and throws out Garrett’s candy corn to not be tempted. He is also terrified of the haunted house and realizes he left his phone in the haunted house.

Elsewhere in Cloud 9, Cheyenne and Mateo try and guess who a local serial killer is. Cheyenne broaches that Dina could be the serial killer because of how knowledgeable she is on the subject. The two monitor the store’s assistant manager for the rest of the day in an attempt to solve the mystery.

Jonah breaks up with Kelly… again

After the awkward cup of coffee, the new district manager leaves with the orange gift bag Kelly hid the union cards in. Amy invites the district manager back inside under the guise that she is the winner of the store’s Halloween costume contest. Meanwhile, Dina breaks into the district manager’s car and retrieves the Halloween bag.

The district manager comments on Jonah and Kelly’s relationship, and the rest of the Cloud 9 employees insist that Jonah is in love with Amy. To save face, Jonah proceeds to fake dump Kelly for Amy, resembling the same way he actually broke up with her for Amy seasons before. Kelly laments that she hates visiting the store for that very reason.

At the end of the episode, Amy and Jonah go through the union cards. Jonah realizes that some of the candy in the bag was eaten. The two nervously wonder if the district manager noticed the union cards or just reached into the bag and ate the candy. The episode of Superstore ends with the two not knowing if their plan to unionize is ruined.