Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman’s ‘Making It’ Reminds Fans of Another Hit Reality Show

Reality-competition shows are becoming a major boon for the mainstream networks lately, though audiences are starting to see more shows delving into arts and crafts. As seen with the popular The Great British Baking Show on Netflix, reality-competition shows with a more positive edge and about real skill are taking over in earnest.

NBC’s Making It is another in this vein, and fans are starting to compare it to the above show. There is a lot of truth to that if you do a comparison.

Even more important is things might be changing in the world of reality shows to a point where all the sometimes negative tropes may be replaced with more positivity and real reality.

Audiences seem hungry for such things due to obvious reasons.

How close is ‘Making It’ with ‘The Great British Baking Show’?

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman on 'Making It'
Nick Offerman, Amy Poehler | Evans Vestal Ward/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

While Making It is on NBC, it’s certainly setting a new template for how other competitive reality shows might work on mainstream networks. Starring Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler, the show is about pure arts and crafts, challenging real makers on their creative skills. It’s a harmless show with ultimately entertaining outcomes.

According to statistics of recent years, more than half the country has adult makers who nurture their own path in creating things they want to see exist. This is the segment of the population that Making It is for, which is more than enough to find ongoing contestants and viewers.

As a holiday-themed show, Making It is also really resonating. The comparisons to The Great British Baking Show (plus its ABC American equivalent around the holidays) can’t be denied while they both set new reality show precedents.

Both follow similar formats: A family-friendly challenge is set forth to create something practical, then it’s judged with positivity and charm from the celebrity judges. Eliminations are done with tact rather than nearly ridding contestants with a catapult.

Should ‘Making It’ just be a holiday-themed series?

Considering the recent ratings for the revival of Making It were more than respectable, it likely makes NBC suits wonder if they should make it a holiday tradition like The Baking Show franchise.

Even though both can easily work outside the holidays, the recent edition of Making It has tilted toward a holiday theme, making it the perfect counterpart to TGBBS. The big question is whether this is going to become more plentiful on the networks, or only on streaming services.

Don’t be surprised to see similar shows on mainstream networks as well as Netflix. Outside of Making It also being available for streaming on NBC-owned Hulu, it’s almost inevitable all network suits are looking at more family-friendly reality-competition shows for the early 2020s.

Will Making It end up being the precedent setter for an overdue shift in how reality shows work?

More feel-good reality shows are becoming needed

One can easily surmise that because of the relentless news cycle of near hopeless stories in the world of politics, audiences are wanting to find things to help them feel good rather than frustrated.

The old model of reality shows pretty much led to where we are now in political talk. If one can blame The Apprentice for setting things in motion, there may be a rejection by a good portion of the country on demanding something different.

Yes, the usual reality show tropes may continue, including the use of situation writers to create more drama than what’s really there. Yet, there may not be nearly as many if feel-good reality shows become more plentiful.

Shows like Making It can only be helped along when you have entertaining hosts like Offerman and Poehler at the helm. To be nice in a reality show, it also needs a little tongue-in-cheek gesture with all those eye-rolling puns rolling off Offerman’s tongue.