Amy Roloff From ‘Little People, Big World’ Just Shared Her Favorite Gift to Get on Valentine’s Day

TLC has provided their fans with plenty of quality TV shows over the years, and we’ve been watching the Roloff family ever since Little People, Big World first aired in 2006. Amy and Matt Roloff, a couple with dwarfism, have four children and own a farm together. The show chronicled their lives when they were married and post-divorce, and we also got to watch the younger members of the family grow into adulthood, too. Now, both Amy and Matt have significant others that they seem to be getting serious with — and Amy hasn’t held back about how much she loves her boyfriend, Chris Marek.

It’s clear Amy loves Valentine’s Day, too, as she’s posted on Instagram about her favorite gift she loves receiving. Here’s what she said.

Amy and Chris have been dating since 2016

CafeMom reminds us Amy and Matt separated in 2015 after almost 30 years of marriage, which shocked fans. But now in 2019, they’re both happy that the other has found happiness — and both Matt and Amy are head-over-heels for their significant others.

As for how Amy met Chris Marek, her current boyfriend as of 2016, it all began with a “paint and sip” singles mixer. The two first met there, though Amy ended up with a different man during the party. Chris and Amy reconnected later, however, and it seems the rest is history. By 2017, the two were taking things to social media to show their followers how into each other they were, and though there have been rumored breakups since they first started dating, Amy has reassured her fans that everything between her and Chris is better than ever. Now, fans are even wondering when we’ll hear wedding bells, as that seems to be the next logical step for the happy couple.

Amy has written about the Valentine’s Day gifts she’s given Chris in the past

Amy loves love and holidays, and for years she’s written a special post on social media regarding Valentine’s Day. Last year, she posted a photo on Instagram of herself holding up one of her handmade creations — and it ended up being a Valentine Cookie Gram. “Many of you have asked- ‘what did I decide to put on my Valentine Cookie Gram’ to Chris? Simply – Amy + Chris = ❤️ and I’m excited to give it to him,” she wrote. The year before that, we also recall Amy posting an adorable photo of her and Chris on Facebook during their 2017 Valentine’s Day outing at the Portland Art Museum. “I felt special,” she added.

As much as Amy loves the holidays, she also loves giving gifts just as much as she adores receiving them. And due to her love of baking, she often creates gifts from her company, Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen, that she claims are perfect for any special occasion. As one follower commented on her Instagram post last year, “I love it. Amy, I see how happy you are. My heart jumps for you. Happiness is what it’s all about.”

This is her favorite gift to receive

From their adorable vacations to spending plenty of holidays together, there’s no doubt Amy has received many gifts from Chris in the past. But her favorite stands as an incredibly simple and thoughtful one — and she wrote about it for this year’s Instagram Valentine’s Day post. “I know so much pressure is put on this day sometimes,” she wrote. “Truly my favorite gift is a card- hand made or store bought but it has to have something you have written in it that expresses something about ‘us’.” She also mentioned her Little Kitchen products at the end, but fans know she’s being sincere when she says a heartfelt card is her favorite gift.

Her followers seemed to love her message this year, too. “Amy and Chris Happy Valentines Day !!! I’m so happy you two have each other !!” one commented. And another followed Amy’s same sentiment with their own idea. “I made a brown bag lunch for my husband! Big red heart ❤️with his name on it for the front of bag and a little note of ❤️love for the inside.
Happy Valentines Day!❤️”

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