Amy Roloff’s Net Worth and How She Makes Money Aside From ‘Little People, Big World’

We all remember watching the Roloff family over 10 years ago on Little People, Big WorldWhen it first aired, we were introduced to Matt and Amy Roloff, a happily married couple who both stand at 4 feet tall due to dwarfism. Not only did we get to see how they navigate life, but viewers also got to take a look at their family dynamics. Jeremy and Zach, their twins, had 2 feet of height separating them, as Zach was also born with dwarfism. Molly and Jacob, the other two Roloff kids, are of average height.

Now, many of the Roloff kids have lives of their own — and Matt and Amy are no longer together. While the family dynamic may have shifted over the years, we’re all wondering what Amy Roloff’s net worth stands as today.

The Roloff family was earning around $25,000 per episode

Amy and Matt Roloff
Amy and Matt Roloff | Amy Roloff via Instagram

Little People, Big World certainly helped make the Roloff’s financially stable over the years. While networks typically won’t say exactly how much their reality stars are making, Terence Michael, a reality TV producer, took to E! News to share what he knows.

Michael said he suspected TLC was budgeting between $250,000 and $400,000 to produce 19 Kids and Counting — and since that network show was on at the same time as Little People, Big World, it’s safe to assume both shows had a budget within that range. Reality show families then typically earn 10% of the budget of the episode. That means the Roloffs were probably earning between $25,000 to $40,000 for each episode — and when that’s divided amongst all of the family members, that still leaves Amy with an income of a few thousand dollars per episode. And, when you consider the show has been on for 18 seasons, that’s a lot of money.

Amy’s other business ventures and how she’s making money

Amy Roloff with homemade baked goods
Amy Roloff with homemade baked goods | Amy Roloff via Instagram

The show certainly serves as Amy’s biggest moneymaker, but she’s doing well for herself aside from TLC, too. She’s made it known that she loves baking, and she even has her own cookbook, titled Short and Simple Family Recipesas well as her bakeshop called Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen. Her bakeshop offers seasonal favorites, gift packs, and clothing so you can rep her small business.

We’re soon to have another book from Amy, too. While her cookbook certainly saw success, she’s also writing an autobiography titled A Little MeConsidering both her ex-husband, Matt, and her child, Jeremy, also wrote books that received a ton of press, we’re betting Amy’s autobiographical tales will also add in some significant cash flow.

Her personal ventures aside, we also can’t forget that Amy owns part of Roloff Farms, which has also been a huge moneymaker for the entire Roloff family. The farm is open to the public for tours and pumpkin picking when the season allows.

Amy’s total net worth in 2018

Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff | Amy Roloff via Instagram

Thanks to her hit TLC show that’s been running for over a decade and all of her side projects, Amy’s net worth stands at $4.5 million, Celebrity Net Worth notes.

And it seems the divorce hasn’t hurt her net worth or her family’s money much, either. The site says Matt Roloff’s net worth is also at $4.5 million, and her entrepreneurial son who has since quit the show, Jeremy, is doing quite well for himself with a net worth of around $300,000. They may not be as rich as the Kardashians or other reality TV stars, but for a quaint family who started with a lot less, we expect to see more great things in the future, too.

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