How Much Did Amy Schumer Get Paid for Her Netflix Special?

Amy Schumer says that she asked for more money from Netflix for The Leather Special, though she denies that she asked for as much as Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock as had been reported. So how much money did Netflix actually end up paying Amy Schumer for her 2016 comedy special?

Variety reported this week that Netflix initially offered to pay Amy Schumer $11 million for The Leather Special but that she asked for more money. According to Variety, Schumer found out that Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock were each paid $20 million for their specials, and she questioned the fairness of this. As a result, she received “significantly more” than $11 million.

Amy Schumer at the Peabody Awards

Amy Schumer at the Peabody Awards l GettyImages/Jemal Countess

On her Instagram account, Amy Schumer has since said that she did not ask for as much money as Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle, i.e. $20 million.

“…I don’t believe I deserve equal pay to Chris and Dave,” she wrote. “They are legends and 2 of the greatest comics of all time.”

Variety’s report did not actually indicate that Schumer asked for $20 million; it just said that she asked for more than $11 million after finding out how much Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock made.

So while Variety did not report how much Schumer actually ended up being paid, they say that it was “significantly more” than $11 million, and Schumer says that it’s less than $20 million, meaning she probably ended up being paid something in the ballpark of $15 million for The Leather Special. 

That’s still a pretty substantial amount of money, especially considering it’s more than David Letterman will reportedly be paid for his upcoming Netflix show. According to Variety, Netflix will pay Letterman $2 million per episode for his new show. As six episodes are being produced, Letterman will end up making $12 million for his first set of episodes, less than Schumer was paid for the one-hour The Leather Special.